Hideo Kojima solves one teaser, immediately posts another

(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Hideo Kojima has dropped a new teaser, revealing the hidden actress behind the recent 'Where Am I?' tease as Japanese actress Shioli Kutsuna.

Kutsuna, likely best known in the West for her role as Yukio in Deadpool 2, has had a broader career in Japanese television. Her role in Kojima's upcoming project was hinted at last month, where her silhouette was attached to the 'Where Am I?' phrasing. At the time, it was thought that that might have been the face of Margaret Qualley, who appeared in Death Stranding and is reportedly attached to a future Kojima Productions title.

While we don't know anything more about Kutsuna's involvement, there's another detail bundled into this latest teaser. On the Kojima Productions website, the screen flicks back and forth between Kutsuna's face and a brand-new teaser. This time, there's little more to see than the words 'How Come?' against a black background, but what's interesting is that the logo attached to the bottom of the image also changes.

Beneath Kutsuna's face is a somewhat mechanical, almost art-deco image which we've so far been unable to unpick exactly. Under the second teaser, however, is an image of what seems to be some kind of sea creature, with what might be harpoons sticking out from its many-tentacled body.

We've not learned much more about the game from either of these teasers, or the early hint that revealed actress Elle Fanning's involvement, but it's clear that Kojima is starting to rev up the hype cycle around his new project. Given the time of year, it's seeming increasingly likely that we'll get to find out more at The Game Awards in December. Odds are good that that'll either be the mysterious Overdose, or Death Stranding 2.

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