Fans think a new Hideo Kojima teaser is hinting at Margaret Qualley for the dev's next project

Kojima Productions
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Hideo Kojima's next game could star Margaret Qualley, lining up with a previous claim surrounding the project.

Earlier today on October 7, Kojima tweeted out a new teaser image seen just below, which is reportedly also present at the ongoing PAX Australia show. Right now, the hot speculation doing the rounds online is that the shadowy figure is actually Margaret Qualley, who previously worked with Kojima Productions on Death Stranding.

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Earlier this year in June, a report claimed Kojima's next game would be titled 'Overdose,' and star Margaret Qualley. The report claimed the new title would be a horror, and Kojima Productions even requested that the report be redacted, which the original author subsequently refused to do. 

If this is Qualley in the new teaser image from Kojima, it lends an incredible amount of credence to the report earlier this year claiming knowledge of the developer's next project. Perhaps Kojima's next venture could be an explicit horror game, after dabbling in the genre with Death Stranding and P.T.

You might remember that last month in September, Kojima tweeted out a similar teaser image, which fans cracked in a number of hours to reveal actor Elle Fanning as the figure in the dark. Now, one PAX Australia attendee is claiming that if you scan a code near the new teaser from Kojima Productions, is leads to an image of Elle Fanning.

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This apparently confirms what fans uncovered from the teaser image last month, that Elle Fanning is associated with Kojima's next project in some fashion. While there was plausible doubt that Fanning would actually star in a game from Kojima, Qualley's new teaser image, along with the report on Overdose, points to the pair starring in a new game from the developer.

A new report claimed Death Stranding 2 was scrapped at Google, but there's conflicting evidence. 

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