Blue Beetle: Graduation Day will be published in Spanish and English

art from Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1
art from Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 (Image credit: DC)

Update: The Jaime Reyes Blue Beetles returns on November 29 in the new series Graduation Day, and DC has announced that the series will be published in English and Spanish simultaneously.

Plus, the first issue will feature a papel picado insert designed by Ivan Plascencia that shows the Scarab Khaji Do in celebration of Jaime Reyes' solo series. The cut paper insert (seen below), which is in the tradition of the Mexican folk art, will be polybagged with a foil edition of Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 main cover art by series artist Adrián Gutierréz and Quintana.

Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 papel picado insert

Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 papel picado insert (Image credit: DC)

Check out a preview from Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #1 in Spanish followed by the same preview in English, promo images, and the covers, and look for more information below.

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Buckle up, Blue Beetle fans: Graduation Day officially commences November 29.

After revealing a first look at the series written by Josh Trujillo and illustrated by Adrián Gutierréz at San Diego Comic-Con, the publisher has now revealed the release date for the debut issue and shared a new variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque. 

Yellow Beetle design (Image credit: DC)

Originally part of DC's 2021 Round Robin bracket, Blue Beetle: Graduation Day follows Jaime Reyes as he attempts to figure out his future, responsibility with his Scarab, and facing the Reach when it has the audacity to interrupt his high school graduation.

At DC's Comics Are Fun for Everyone panel at SDCC, Trujillo revealed he's introducing a new Beetle color, the Yellow Beetle, and talked about introducing a new location to the DC Universe – Palmera City. 

He also talked about bringing Starfire into the series and shared a look at the first issue, seen below.

During the same panel, DC announced next year's Superman: The Harvests of Youth YA graphic novel and shared a teaser for the upcoming half-hour HBO Max animated special, Meet the Batwheels, which is a prequel to the preschool series Batwheels.

Following these and Trujillo's Blue Beetle teasers, writer Kami Garcia revealed a first look at the upcoming YA graphic novel, Constantine: Distorted Illusions, illustrated by Isaac Goodhart. Like the other titles in DC's ever-growing line of graphic novels for kids and teens, this one tells a reimagined story of young Constantine.

Constantine: Distorted Illusions (Image credit: DC)

John Constantine is great at magic and doesn't believe he needs to be trained or guided in his art. Under the guise of accepting an apprenticeship in the US, Constantine becomes the lead singer of his best friend's punk band, Mucous Membrane.

Similar to how things play out for the band in the cult-classic horror movie Jennifer's Body, Mucous Membrane begins dabbling in magic, and a spell gets quickly out of hand. Constantine then has to deal with the consequences, which are definitely more than he bargained for.

Check out a preview of Constantine: Distorted Illusions below.

At the panel, DC also shared art from DC Horror Presents: Sgt. Rock vs. The Army of the Dead #1, which hits shelves in September, and art from the most recent issue of Jurassic League. And ahead of the September premiere of its comic book sequel, DC shared a clip from Batman: The Audio Adventures with panel attendees.

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