New Jim Lee art may show off Michael Keaton's new Batsuit

Jim Lee's SDCC art shows off Shazam and Batman
(Image credit: DC)

Ahead of DC's appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, the publisher has revealed brand new Jim Lee art for its con-exclusive swag bags, featuring more than 50 characters from comics, animation, video games, live-action TV, and movies. But while some are recognizable from the Arrowverse or the new Gotham Knights game, some look like new variations on legacy characters.

In fact, Lee's art might feature the new Batsuit to be worn by Michael Keaton in the upcoming The Flash and Batgirl films. 

In the bottom right corner between Shazam! and White Canary is a Batman wearing a suit that closely resembles Keaton's costume from the Burtonverse (1989-1992). The yellow oval around the bat symbol on his chest along with the placement of the cape look mighty familiar but just upgraded enough to be a fresher, more comics-specific take.

Jim Lee's SDCC-exclusive DC art shows off multimedia characters

(Image credit: DC)

Lee's art also features the new DCEU Batgirl, played by Leslie Grace, as well as the new Supergirl, played by Sasha Calle. Calle and Keaton both appeared in footage from the upcoming Flash movie in April, while Grace debuted her Batgirl costume on social media in January.

Now, all three have been immortalized in art by Jim Lee.

Additionally, The Sandman's Morpheus can be seen lurking near the top right corner, to celebrate the upcoming Netflix series based on Neil Gaiman's comic book epic; Harley Quinn from the new animated series can be seen swinging into action behind Batman, just ahead of the Season 3 premiere; Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam and his Justice Society supporting cast takes (almost) center stage before their big-screen debut; the upcoming big-screen Blue Beetle (played by Xolo Maridueña) is prominently featured; and even the League of Superpets, Krypto and Ace, can be seen running in the bottom left corner. 

Then there's Green Lantern, which looks like Hal Jordan. HBO Max is currently developing a Green Lantern Corps TV show that is known to feature the characters Alan Scott and Guy Gardner. Only Gardner has publicly been cast so far, with actor Finn Wittrock taking on the role. 

Though the Green Lantern depicted by Lee resembles Hal Jordan's comic book look, it also somewhat resembles Wittrock's likeness, meaning it's hard to say exactly which GL we're looking at.

Historically, DC uses SDCC to showcase its biggest announcements, and the publisher's convention schedule already mentions screenings of Harley Quinn and The Sandman. But based on Lee's art alone, it looks like we may also see previews or even trailers of more of DC's upcoming multimedia slate. 

DC has some of the best superhero teams of all time.

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