New Batman Incorporated ongoing asks Ghost-Maker to solve a murder

Batman Incorporated #1
(Image credit: DC)

At San Diego Comic-Con Friday during the DC's Gotham panel, the publisher announced a new ongoing: Batman Incorporated, written by Ed Brisson and illustrated by John Timms. 

Debuting in October, Batman Incorporated follows Ghost-Maker and his Batman Incorporated team as they're tasked with solving a murder. And this one hits close to home – the victim is someone from Ghost-Maker and Batman's recent past, and could be a message more than an isolated event. 

It could also signal the start of some sinister plot… and DC teases the latter pretty heavily in the series announcement. 

Considering Batman and Ghost-Maker are frenemies at best, solving this mystery could bring them closer together or drive them further apart – and DC loves its rivals, so we're not holding our breath for a tight friendship being formed under these circumstances. 

Ever since Ghost-Maker appeared on the scene during James Tynion IV's main series Batman run, he's been eager to take Batman's place as Gotham City's vigilante hero of choice, and now may be his chance to truly prove himself.

Batman Incorporated #1 will feature main cover art by series artist Timms, as well as variants by Jorge Molina, Derrick Chew, and Jeff Spokes. Check them out in the gallery below.

Batman Incorporated #1 will be available October 11.

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