Clark Kent returns to high school in Superman: The Harvests of Youth OGN

Superman: The Harvests of Youth
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Clark Kent is going back to high school next fall. 

On Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con during its Comics Are Fun for Everyone panel, DC announced the upcoming YA graphic novel Superman: The Harvests of Youth.

Superman: The Harvests of Youth (Image credit: DC)

Written and illustrated by Sina Grace with colors by Cris Peter, Superman: The Harvests of Youth will follow a teenage Clark Kent as he attempts to grapple with life in Smallville. Being in high school is hard enough, but being in high school and having powers none of your friends or family can dream of is especially hard to navigate.

As Clark tries to reconcile the mortality of his loved ones, he deals with feelings of isolation and even encounters online subcultures that could radicalize him to hate if he gets in too deep. Fans of the WB/CW series Smallville will likely recognize similar themes in this OGN, though updated for today's teens.

Superman: The Harvests of Youth will feature a mix of new and familiar characters, including Lana Lang, Clark's high school sweetheart, and his adoptive parents, Martha and Jonathan. The full cast illustration also seems to show a young Lex Luthor.

Check out a preview of the book below.

Superman: The Harvests of Youth will be available October 3, 2023, as DC continues to expand its graphic novel line for kids and teens.

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