Batman: The Audio Adventures continues in comics form this fall

Batman: The Audio Adventures
Batman: The Audio Adventures (Image credit: DC)

HBO Max's Webby Award-winning Batman: The Audio Adventures podcast returns to comics in September with a sequel series picking up right after the season 1 finale. Prior to the podcast's September launch last year, DC also released a prequel special.

In the podcast, Batman is deputized as a Gotham City Police department member, widening an already deep rift between him and Catwoman that exists because she's been freely taking money from Gotham criminals. Meanwhile, Two-Face's two halves are at war, giving Penguin the opportunity of a lifetime, and the Joker is making big plans as the Riddler escapes from Arkham Asylum.

Following on the heels of this 10-episode audio drama, Batman: The Audio Adventures is a seven-issue limited series written by Dennis McNicholas and illustrated by Anthony Marques and J. Bone. 

Here, the story takes a turn as Gotham's criminal community panics after a string of attacks target the city's seedy underbelly, because this time, they're not under attack from Batman. They're being targeted by a group of assassins seeking an ancient artifact: the sword of King Scimitar.

It's up to Batman to track down this new group of foes, and along the way, he finds plenty of clues regarding the location of King Scimitar's sword.

Batman: The Audio Adventures #1 will hit shelves September 27 and feature main cover art by Dave Johnson, as well as one variant by Michael Allred and another by Anthony Marques and J. Bone.

Look for more news about new September DC titles and its full September solicitations later this month.

Batman: The Audio Adventures highlights some of the best Batman villains of all time.

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