You don't have to wait for Batman v Superman to get a glimpse of the Justice League

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be the big-screen debut of the DC cinematic universe's version of the Justice League. And while March 25 isn't that long of a wait, I understand the desire to see the superteam come together ASAP. Thankfully, you can get your first glimpse right now. Behold, the Justice League of 2016:

The image comes from the DC Films Facebook page which, although created just today, has been verified as legitimate. The event you see mentioned in the image - "The Dawn of the Justice League" - is a special that will air on The CW tonight at 9:30pm Eastern. The event will feature new footage from Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman, a new Suicide Squad trailer, and interviews from cast and crew. Kevin Smith (AKA Silent Bob) will co-host with DC Comics Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns.

Until then, feel free to soak up the image above. Just not for too long - it looks like there's a bit of dirt and grime flying around there. Superheroes have super dry-cleaning bills, you know.

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Images: DC Comics/Warner Bros.

Sam Prell

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