Cyberpunk 2077 dataminer digs up unreleased quest info

Cyberpunk 2077
(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

A Cyberpunk 2077 dataminer has pulled up information on numerous unreleased quests which they claim point towards an upcoming DLC release.

The latest round of fixes for Cyberpunk 2077 dropped at the end of last month and in addition to fixing a ton of issues and bugs in the game, it’s also given dataminers a new opportunity to go digging for fresh information. Speaking with Eurogamer, a dataminer using the handle romulus_is_here has revealed a ton of new details about unreleased quests that are hinted at in the files.

Interestingly, the directory codes for some of these quests point towards them being part of an expansion, rather than just cancelled or delayed content. Speaking with Eurogamer, romulus_is_here explained that quests in the base game have a code between q000 and q204, but some of these new quests have the code q301. They’re also named “story-ep1”, which also points towards these being part of an upcoming DLC.

Some files using the “ep1” tag have been present in the game since launch, but Romulus says that the vast majority of them have been added in Patch 1.2. Many of these files make reference to street stories, which is the name Cyberpunk 2077 uses for a lot of the smaller side missions that are scattered throughout Night City.

While a lot of the quests only have brief references to them, others have more fleshed out details including one which has a full description. In this mission, the player must rescue someone called Anthony Anderson from the Scavenger’s gang.

Most of these new quests that have been uncovered seem to focus on the Pacifica region of the map, which means that it appears it'll be where the new DLC is centered. 

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