Chris Evans explains why Anthony Mackie's Falcon is the right choice for Captain America

Falcon and The Winter Soldier
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Chris Evans has weighed in on the MCU's potential new Captain America – Anthony Mackie's Falcon, AKA Sam Wilson.

Speaking to Variety, Evans commented: "[Falcon's] role within the Marvel universe has answered the call to action time and time again. He's proven his courage, loyalty and reliability over multiple films. Sam has given so much, and he's also lost a lot too. He believes in something bigger than himself, and that type of humility is necessary to carry the shield." Sounds like a ringing endorsement to us. 

Falcon looked set to be the new Cap for sure when the close of Avengers: Endgame saw original hero Steve Rogers hand over the shield. But Mackie has recently teased that he might not be the new Captain America after all. It also seems that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will have another contender for the mantle – new character US Agent (Wyatt Russell) is carrying a shield of his own. 

We can't think of anyone better suited to take on the Captain America title than Falcon, though, and it's reassuring to know Evans himself agrees. 

The importance of a Black Captain America is also clearly profound. President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige said while discussing the storytelling opportunities of Disney Plus: "Suddenly, what had been a classic passing of the torch from one hero to another at the end of Endgame became an opening up of our potential to tell an entire story about that. What does it really mean for somebody to step into those shoes, and not just somebody but a Black man in the present day?"

Here's hoping that Falcon really does become the next Captain America, and that we get to see him rocking the stars and stripes for at least a few episodes – though, Mackie did pour water over hopes for a second Falcon installment, with Variety reporting that he confirmed there's been no talk of a second season.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrives this March 19. Until then, check out our guide to everything we know about Marvel Phase 4, and find the best Disney Plus deals.

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