Chill your games right out with a Black Ops 3 Collector's Edition mini-fridge

We're used to Collector's Editions including the kind of useless, unecological tat that will one day choke our rivers and form a new continent, so it's a cruel twist of fate that Black Ops 3's decision to include something halfway useful to our lives seems somehow more ludicrous.

Apparently, you will be able to pay to have a whimsically branded mini-fridge - at least if OpTic Gaming (and GameInformer, who apparently had it independently verified) aren't lying to us all. Apparently it features "light and audio from the game" - I'm choosing to believe that it creates the effect of a flashbang grenade going off in your eyes every time you open it for a cool, cool soda. Here's a picture that shows the promotional appliance, and a list of everything else in the notional pack: