Check out bearded Captain America, Teen Groot, an Iron Man redesign and more in this Infinity War art

If you want to know as little about Avengers: Infinity War as possible before it hits theaters next year, turn back now. Seriously, just get right on outta here, cuz I'm about to show off some concept art for the movie that shows several heroes, and most are wearing new duds that could be considered…


Okay, those who somehow clicked this article by accident gone? Here you go, everybody else:

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The art was originally posted by concept artist Steve Cas on Instagram, but was since taken down. Cas said that the art is not finished, which is probably why it was removed - don't wanna share a sneak peek without it looking as good as possible. Still, let's take a look at what we got here.

From left to right, we have Teen Groot, Iron Man sporting a sleeker redesign that's somewhat reminiscent of his appearance in the All-New, All-Different Marvel reboot, a bearded Captain America who looks a bit rough around the edges (you didn't think Disney was gonna let Logan corner the market on grizzled heroes with facial hair, did you?), Spider-Man wearing the Iron Spider-inspired (say that five times fast) suit from the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Star-Lord, and down in the bottom-left we have Rocket.

The Guardians look the least changed from their last adventure, while Cap and Iron Man have definitely undergone some changes. It's nice to see them on the same side again at least. As for Spidey, I'm sure whatever improvements Stark made to the suit will come in handy against Thanos and the Black Order. Now if only we could get a trailer so we could see these invincible, amazing, spectacular heroes in action...

Images: Marvel / Disney

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