Avengers: Infinity War's Children of Thanos revealed, here's a look at their outfits and comics backstory

Ready to see the next group of space-cretins ready to make life very difficult for the heroes of Avengers: Infinity War? Marvel Digital Media executive editor Ryan Penagos showed off detailed images of the Children of Thanos and members of the Black Order taken from the D23 Disney expo.

Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes have been fighting Thanos' minions for the better part of a decade now, so you may be wondering what makes these ones so special. I've included a little bit of background from the comics for each of them, we'll see how their cinematic counterparts match up.

Corvus Glaive

As the right-hand man of Thanos, Corvus Glaive will probably be pretty prominent in Infinity War. His eponymous weapon isn't just for killing thousands of innocents (though it can definitely do that too) - as long as its blade remains unbroken, Corvus Glaive will return from death. At least, that's how it works in the comics.

Proxima Midnight

Proxima Midnight made her proper entrance to the Marvel Comics world with a big fight against Luke Cage in New York City. The bulletproof Defender probably won't make the jump from Netflix into theaters here, but maybe we'll still meet Midnight in a second attack on New York. She's one of the best fighters in Thanos' army and her supermassive staff can be instantly lethal even for superhumans.

Cull Obsidian (Black Dwarf)

What you see is pretty much what you get with Cull Obsidian, otherwise known as Black Dwarf. He's a fierce fighter and a total brick of a giant alien thing, though surprisingly he was one of the first of the Black Order to be defeated in the comics. That's what happens when you try to go after Wakanda without bringing an army.

Ebony Maw

Why yes, Ebony Maw is basically the Grand Moff Tarkin of Marvel. He's not much for direct conflict, but Ebony Maw can manipulate with the absolute best of them - at one point in the comics he even turned the mighty mind of Dr. Strange to his own nefarious purposes. As for your second question, no, he's definitely not 100 percent loyal to Thanos.

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Images: Disney/Marvel

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