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Baby Yoda merch alert - this cheap Baby Yoda Funko Pop is just too cute

Baby Yoda merch alert - this cheap Baby Yoda Funko Pop is just too cute
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The dam has now burst when it comes to Baby Yoda merch, but this cheap Baby Yoda Funko Pop is the most likely to steal your heart. I'm serious - the only thing that could make it any cuter is a teeny bowl of soup like the one from The Mandalorian or the character's occasional chirrups. There are two versions available; the larger 10" model sits at $29.96 instead of a $40 list price at Walmart, while the smaller alternative is just $8.79. Dangerously within impulse purchase-territory, in other words (someone please confiscate my wallet). Even though neither of them is being released until mid-2020, the knowledge that they're on their way is an ideal stocking filler for any fan of the show this Christmas.

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Regardless of whether you love or hate Pops, their style works perfectly with this big-eyed, sail-eared cutie. The super-sized alternative is also pretty close to the character's height in the show, making it even more appealing. Who could resist its cheeky smile? It's as if it's ready to start flipping all the switches on your ship and not give a single crap about it. Although we won't be able to get our hands on either cheap Baby Yoda Funko Pop model until May 20 2020, you can put in a pre-order now to avoid disappointment. And you'll want to; I have a suspicion this Baby Yoda merch will be… well, popular might be an understatement.

Showrunner Jon Favreau and Disney were reluctant to create merch for the little green rascal ahead of the show's release because they didn't want to spoil the surprise, but now that it's out in the wild, it's weapons free on all things Baby Yoda. For example, you can now pre-order this plush version from Walmart that features a box like the character's levitating crib (this plush doesn't land until April 2020, though).

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These offers aren't alone, of course. Disney has also put the galaxy's most adorable creature all over t-shirts, mugs, and beyond in other upcoming merchandise. Still, this particular Baby Yoda merch from Funko might be among the best of everything we've seen so far.

Cheap Baby Yoda merch

The Child/Baby Yoda 10" Funko Pop | $29.96 at Walmart (released May 20 2020)
There's also a larger version of the Child Pop if you'd prefer - this one clocks in at a chonky 10", and it's sporting a cheeky smile for good measure.View Deal

The Child/Baby Yoda Funko Pop | $8.79 at Walmart (released May 20 2020)
This adorable rendition of 'the Child' is so cute we can't cope. It perfectly suits the Funko style; those huge eyes and stumpy limbs translate well to Pop. We'll take five.View Deal

The Child (Baby Yoda) 11" plush | $24.99 at Walmart (released April 1 2020)
It's Baby Yoda, it's very huggable, and it's dressed in that adorably oversized coat. What more is there to say? This toy comes out early in 2020.View Deal

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