How to watch the CDL Warzone tournament stream on Sunday

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The upcoming CDL Warzone tournament stream is the first time Warzone will feature at a major esports tournament, and while the match won't be happening "live" (it's recorded before then streamed for the first time during Seattle Surge's home series), it's a pivotal moment for the mode that has otherwise only featured in community tournaments. Call of Duty Warzone has a lot of discussion surrounding it lately with things like the Warzone bunkers and Warzone nuke, and this tournament is a way to see just which of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare pro teams can come out on top.

If you haven't been following the CDL this year, the gist of it is this; there are 12 teams competing, representing 11 different cities around the world (Los Angeles has two teams, just because). Since January, they've been partaking in various major series at their venues, and this weekend is Seattle Surge's turn to host. While the league is the main attraction, this CDL Warzone tournament stream is bound to attract the masses. Here's all you need to know on how to watch the CDL Warzone stream.

CDL Warzone tournament stream date and time

Warzone CDL tournament

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While the Seattle Surge Home Series has been taking place throughout the weekend, there'll be plenty of people tuning in solely for the Warzone tournament. In order to watch it, you'll need to start watching the stream at 12pm PST/3pm EST/8pm BST today, Sunday May 24. That's not the exact time the tournament will start, but they've said the Warzone tournament is happening before any of the matches kick off, and that's when the stream is scheduled to go live. Tune in then and you shouldn't have to wait long.

How to watch the CDL Warzone tournament stream

To actually watch the CDL Warzone tournament stream, simply stay on this page! The stream is embedded above, and is only on YouTube, so unfortunately you can't find it on Twitch. The winning team will take home $10k, and Warzone Weekend events will follow at subsequent CDL Home Series events.

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