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Call of Duty: Warzone developer is sharing accessibility updates after recent player survey

Call of Duty
(Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Warzone developer Raven Software has been publicly responding to concerns raised in its recent accessibility survey.

Using the hashtag 'WZa11y' on Twitter, Raven has been highlighting some of the responses it received from the survey, outlining ways in which those issues can already be addressed, or ways in which the studio hopes to improve in future.

For example, one player stated that moving from indoor to outdoor locations on the revamped Verdansk84 map resulted in glare that "has started causing headaches after short periods of playtime." In response, Raven said that it had been "monitoring this closely and plan on addressing it in an upcoming update."

Elsewhere, the studio said that it was "looking at adding improved text chat notifications in an upcoming update to further support nonverbal communication," aiding players who can't or choose not to use a mic in-game. 

Another concern that the developer said had been raised a number of times is visual hearing, a way of providing visual cues in place of audio cues for hearing-impaired players. Raven says that the team is "actively exploring options to integrate visual hearing in a way that makes sense for Warzone."

Other responses involved Raven letting players know that requested features were already available, including the recent addition of Mono Audio or the ability to tweak mic thresholds to cut out background noise. The studio says it's already had thousands of responses since the survey began last week, but is still accepting feedback from players right here.

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