Best Black Friday iPad deals 2024: what to expect this year

Black Friday iPad deals
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Black Friday iPad deals will hit the shelves once again this November, and if you're working out whether to dive in with a new Apple tablet before the Fall sales land you're in the right place. We're bracing ourselves for a year of new releases, after 2023 proved relatively quiet, which means we're rounding up everything we can expect from this year's holiday offers right here. 

Of course, until we know Apple's lineup for November it's going to be tricky to pinpoint exactly which models will be the best sellers during this year's Black Friday iPad deals. Rumors are swirling of new Air and Pro devices dropping this Spring, though there's no word on a new base model or the fate of the older 9th generation. That gives rise to hope that these devices will stick around for another year - giving them plenty of time to drop their prices in time for the annual sales. 

You'll find everything you need to know about Black Friday iPad deals right here, so stay in touch - when the time comes we'll be bringing you the biggest offers as soon as they hit. 

What to expect from Black Friday iPad deals in 2024

We expect the most popular model in this year's Black Friday iPad deals to be the 9th generation entry level model if it sticks around for 2024. Yes, the 10th generation is newer, but it carries a higher $449 / £499 base price compared to the 9th generation's $329 / £329. That, plus the fact that Apple is still running the 9th generation on the shelves next to the new device, means we're expecting the best value for the vast majority of users to be found with this cheapest device.

Last year we saw that MSRP drip down to $229.99 / £299 at its lowest point, a record low for Black Friday in the US but still around £10 away in the UK. That's a particularly strong offer - we never saw the 8th generation drop that low, for example. However, we could see even greater discounts by the time November 2024 rolls around, especially if Apple launches another budget model close to the event.

Despite its dinky form factor, the iPad Mini line is actually a fairly premium one. Packing all that tech into a one-handed chassis is an expensive affair, as reflected in the $499 / £569 starting price of the 2021 release. However, we have seen discounts hitting this model hard in the last few months. That culminated in a $399 sale price in the US over November, one we expect to see again throughout 2024 and into Black Friday.

The iPad Air 5 is likely to be found at $559 / £600 from day to day, however there could well be a new model bedded into the shelves come Black Friday iPad deals. If the rumors are true (and the new device is priced similarly to the old one) we would be asking too much for a return to the $499 / £550 record lows we experienced on the current generation. More likely, these devices will sit at $549 (MSRP $599) and £629 over Black Friday 2024. 

The iPad Pro range is equally difficult to gauge. The 2022 line has been difficult to discount, only ever seeing savings of around $100 / £100 during major sale events previously. Considering we saw this range simply take over from the previous model at the same sales prices before, we would expect to see more of the same in 2024. 


When will Black Friday iPad deals begin?

Black Friday iPad deals will officially hit the stores on November 24 this year, not only that but this is generally when we see the biggest offers on the shelves. It's true, many retailers will likely (as has happened in previous years) launch their offers from the Monday before Thanksgiving - that's November 20 this year. However, we always see iPads holding out for the main event. 

Where will the best Black Friday iPad deals be?

We'll be keeping this page well-stocked with all the best Black Friday iPad deals as soon as those offers start to roll in. However, if you're planning on searching for your own sales, these are the retailers we've found to have the best discounts in the past. 

regularly has the lowest prices around
Best Buy:
fewer discounts but bundles sometimes available
B&H Photo:
best for older and refurbished models
massive range of older devices
often price matches Amazon on Air and Pro

the best place for record low prices on the latest devices
regular bundle deals with accessories included
bundles often include free subscriptions and software
discounts often available on premium Pro models
John Lewis:
regular trade-in deals and excellent warranties
Laptops Direct:
excellent prices but a £5 shipping charge
stock often holds on longer with price matched deals

Is Black Friday a good time to buy an iPad?

While we may have had our off years, Black Friday is generally an excellent time to buy an iPad. Traditionally, we have new releases making their way to the shelves in this time, driving the prices of older models particularly low. While that might not be the case in 2024, we're still anticipating some record breaking savings - after all, each of the current models will have had an extra year on the shelves compared to their predecessors. 

Should you buy an iPad on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

We'd recommend diving straight into Black Friday iPad deals rather than waiting for Cyber Monday iPad deals. The biggest and brightest offers are snapped up on the big day itself, so while some discounts might survive to round two they're not going to be as stable or widely available. 

Which iPad should you buy on Black Friday?

If you're itching for a taste of Apple's latest tablet lineup it can be difficult to work out exactly which Black Friday iPad deals you should be aiming for this year. To find out which model will suit you best, you first need to ask yourself what you plan on doing with your device. Each iPad is (fairly) neatly separated into several different use cases, so it's easy to work out whether you can pick up a cheap 9th generation model or go for something with a little more power under the hood. 

9th generation iPad - you want an every day device for streaming, browsing the web, playing some games, and light note-taking. 

10th generation iPad - you need more screen space and a faster processor for note-taking, gaming, and web browsing, but don't need the expensive M1 CPU. 

iPad Air 5 - you're generally going to be streaming and playing heavier games, but will also be writing up documents, taking more notes, or using your device as a graphics tablet.

iPad Mini 6 - you need to take your iPad on the go with you regularly and don't want to carry a 10-inch+ device. The iPad Mini 6 is more powerful these days, but if you're looking to run more demanding apps or games, we'd recommend the Pro model instead - this one is mostly about form factor. 

iPad Pro 11-inch - you're going to be using large files for media editing, playing high performance games, and using your iPad more as a computer. 

iPad Pro 12.9-inch - you're looking for a device to replace a laptop when you're on the go, supporting powerful media editing controls, large file sizes, and with plenty of screen space for multi-tasking. 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Row 0 - Cell 0 Best for
iPad 10.2-inch (9th gen)Everyday browsing, light note-taking, light gaming, entertainment
iPad AirModerate note-taking, light multi-tasking, gaming, entertainment
iPad MiniPortable browsing, light note-taking, light gaming
iPad ProHeavy note-taking, significant multi-tasking, high-end gaming, demanding apps

Do iPads get cheaper when new ones come out?

iPads are notorious for dropping their value particularly quickly once a new model is released. Unlike a lot of other Apple products, we see those prices dropping within weeks of a new release's announcement. However, they don't stick around too long. Apple tends to release its new tablets at a similar price point to its old ones, so those tablets are run off the shelves particularly quickly. 

How to get the best Black Friday iPad deals: our top tips

Black Friday iPad deals are extremely competitive - especially if you're aiming for one of the more powerful Pro or Air models. We'd also class the new Mini in this category as well, as the dinky tablet packs a serious punch and is proving particularly popular. 

It pays to go into these discounts with a game plan, and we've been tracking these sales periods for long enough to offer up some top tips below.

1. Start tracking prices now
You'll need to know when you're looking at a good deal when the competition really heats up in November, which means it's a good idea to start tracking prices on the model you're looking for now. We'd recommend keeping a close eye on any price drops you see, so that you can quickly judge whether an offer is worth your time on the day. 

2. Know where to look on the day
Black Friday iPad deals can come and go in a flash, so it's worth knowing where you need to be on the day. We'll be rounding up all the best offers right here, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back when the discounts start rolling in. Otherwise, we'd recommend checking Amazon first - they often have some of the best prices around but can quickly extend their shipping times as stock grows thin.

3. Price-check
If you've found your perfect deal, it's worth making sure you can't get a better price elsewhere. Check other retailers for lower prices or additional incentives available at the same price. Some stores offer free subscriptions, accessories, or services when they can't beat another retailer on price alone and these may be more valuable to you. 

4. Stick around
The fight isn't over, even when you've got that new iPad box in your hands. If you're really going for the best price possible, it's worth keeping your purchase in the packaging until Cyber Monday iPad deals are over. We sometimes see additional price drops on certain colorways during these later sales, so you may well find a better price.  

Last year's best Black Friday iPad deals in the US

iPad 9th generation (64GB) | $329 $229 at Amazon
Save $100 -

iPad 9th generation (64GB) | $329 $229 at Amazon
Save $100 - The 9th generation iPad hit brand new record low prices at Amazon last Black Friday, dropping all the way down to just $229. Granted, this offer didn't last long but even when stock drifted off the shelves we were still enjoying prices of $249 at Walmart.

iPad 10th generation (64GB) | $449 $349 at Amazon
Save $100 -

iPad 10th generation (64GB) | $449 $349 at Amazon
Save $100 - We didn't expect the 10th generation iPad to take a $100 discount in last year's Black Friday iPad deals. With the previous record low set at $399 (where this device had been for the previous few weeks), this was an astonishing offer. Some of the colors sold out quicker than others though.

iPad Mini (64GB) | $499 $399.99 at Amazon
Save $100 -

iPad Mini (64GB) | $499 $399.99 at Amazon
Save $100 - The iPad Mini was also getting in on the record low price antics, shaving $100 from its MSRP to offer up this excellent $399.99 position on Amazon.

Last year's best Black Friday iPad deals in the UK

iPad 9th generation | £369 £299 at John Lewis
Save £70 -

iPad 9th generation | £369 £299 at John Lewis
Save £70 - We were just £12 away from the previous £287 record low price on the 9th generation iPad in the UK, and with John Lewis leading the pack you were also getting a free two-year guarantee here as well. New subscribers could also get Apple TV+ for three months for free.

iPad 10th generation (64GB) | £499 £437 at Amazon
Save £62 -

iPad 10th generation (64GB) | £499 £437 at Amazon
Save £62 - We were seeing discounts on the newer 10th generation iPad last Black Friday, including at Amazon where you can currently save £62. This one kept going in and out of stock though.

iPad Mini | £569 £519.99 at Amazon
Save £51.61 -

iPad Mini | £569 £519.99 at Amazon
Save £51.61 - Apple bumped up its prices on the iPad Mini in 2022, which means the previous record low was out of the question for last year's Black Friday iPad deals. As such, this £519.99 sale price at Amazon was still impressive - it was the cheapest we'd seen in the previous six months and it only ever dipped back below £500 very briefly once last year. 

We're also getting you prepped for all this year's Black Friday laptop deals as well as the best Black Friday gaming laptop deals we expect to see as well. Or, if you're after more luxury tech, check out the Black Friday projector deals we expect from 2023. 

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