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Biomutant rotation puzzle – how to solve the white and orange light puzzles

Biomutant rotation puzzles
(Image credit: THQ Nordic)

Biomutant rotation puzzles are everywhere. The first ones you're likely to stumble upon are the Flush-Stool and Fry-Sparker (toilet and microwave) in Bricktown, but the concept is the same for any puzzle in Biomutant. Some of them are incredibly easy to solve while others – I'm looking at you, Terra Globus – are much more infuriating to solve. Here's everything you need to know about Biomutant rotation puzzles.

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Biomutant rotation puzzles explained

Biomutant rotation puzzles

(Image credit: THQ Nordic)

Whether you're hunting down one of the plethora of collectibles the game has or you need to solve it to continue with the story, Biomutant rotation puzzles are everywhere. The gist of things is that you simply need to match up the colors; orange to orange and white to white.

This is often easier said than done though. Things like Flush-Stools are relatively easy – just rotate the wheels to make sure the lights connect. Fry-Sparkers are even easier because the lines are always just vertical. But you only have 10 moves to do it in, which adds some pressure. Thankfully, if you get one wrong, you're able to jump back in and try again. Here are the full list of collectibles with Biomutant rotation puzzles we've found in Biomutant:

  • Flush-Stools (toilets)
  • Fry-Sparkers (microwaves)
  • Bleep-Bleep Cupboard (arcade machines)
  • Terra Globuses (globes)
  • Raylighters (projectors)
  • String-Plonks (pianos)
  • Twing-Twangs (guitars)
  • Eye-Boxes (televisions)
  • Pling-Plong Booths (phone booths)
  • Stronkboxes (safes)
  • Spiral Groovers (record players)
  • Ring-Dingers (telephones)

Every single one follows the same format. So experiment a little and you should find the solution for each Biomutant rotation puzzle before long.

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