Biomutant tribe choice - Should you ally with the Jagni or Myriad?

Biomutant Jagni or Myriad tribe
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The Biomutant tribe choice, to join the Jagni or Myriad, comes shortly after you complete the intro tutorial, and is quite a weighty decision to put on the player so early on. Biomutant includes morality as a core mechanic – some decisions you make will increase your "light" aura while others will favor the "dark" – and this early choice to make an alliance with one Biomutant tribes, choosing between Jagni or Myriad, is one of the first. Here's everything you need to know about the Biomutant tribe choice and which one to ally with out of Jagni or Myriad.

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Biomutant tribe choice explained - Jagni or Myriad?

Biomutant Jagni or Myriad tribe

(Image credit: THQ Nordic)

After you finish the tutorial, speak to Millemog, and receive your first Psi-Point, another dialogue with Out-Of-Date will ensue. He explains that to take on the Worldeaters, you'll need the support of a Biomutant tribe and that there are two nearby: the Jagni and Myriad tribes.

The Bioshock Jagni tribe are aggressive and they want to be feared, in order to win the ongoing tribe war, while the Bioshock Myriad tribe are the opposite and want to unite all the tribes in the region. You then have the option to seek out the Jagni sifu to the north-west, or the Myriad sifu to the north-east.

Which Bioshock tribe should you pick? This probably won't come as too much of a surprise but the consequences are negligible, except for the changing of the end goal because the Myriad tribe wants to unite the tribes, defeat the Worldeaters, and save the tree of life, while the Jagni tribe wants to subdue or destroy the other tribes, and destroy the tree of life. 

So if you ally with Myriad for example, you'll be working to save the tree of life throughout the entire game. All this means is that some missions are very slightly altered, and the ending will be different. There's no "right" answer to which tribe you pick as your ally; even if you pick the Jagni tribe, you can still then make lots of decisions that swing your aura around to light and be morally good. It doesn't shoehorn you into being a villain, nor does picking the Myriad tribe force you to be a samaritan for your whole playthrough.

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