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How long is Biomutant, and how long it'll take you to beat the game

How long is Biomutant
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How long is Biomutant? It's a question many people are wondering about the animal-themed kung-fu game, because while it's an action RPG and we've no doubt had plenty of those in the past, Biomutant has a vast open world and plenty of side quests to tackle. So how long is Biomutant? This is everything you need to know about the Biomutant length.

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How long is Biomutant?

How long is Biomutant

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The answer to how long is Biomutant is the same as most games; it depends. Playtimes can vary significantly depending on how each person progresses. Some players will just tackle the main story, others will touch on some side quests but not all of them, while the completionists out there will want to tick everything off before finishing the game.

If you only focus on the main story, the Biomutant length you'll be facing is approximately 10-12 hours. To beat the game this quickly, you'll need to only focus on uniting the first couple of tribes and stopping the ongoing war, along with defeating all four worldeaters.

An average playthrough – with some side stuff ticked off but not all – is going to be approximately 20 hours or so. I finished the game after about 18.5 hours having ticked off some of the early side missions but leaving most of the later ones, while GamesRadar's editor, Sam Loveridge (who also wrote our Biomutant review), did most of the side missions but not all collectibles, and finished at 28.5 hours.

With that in mind, if you're a completionist and want to nab all the achievements in Biomutant, you're facing 30+ hours. The game does have a lot going on so you'll never be short of things to do. After you finish the game, New Game+ will unlock too, so you can tackle it all over again, this time starting from the foot of the Tree of Life and with the option to ally with any of the six tribes at the start. Note that this will reset all your side mission progress and world exploration though, as you'd expect.

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