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The best Xbox One games of all time

20. Resident Evil 2 Remake 

Best Xbox One games - Resident Evil 2 Remake

There are comebacks and then there's Resident Evil 2 Remake. The decision to completely recreate the horror classic with a game that not only honours the 1996 original, but feels just as influential and relevant has paid off. It takes the original set up of a zombie outbreak in Raccoon City and crafts a gorgeous looking game with new controls and camera that feels as fresh as it does scary, as you fight zombies, jump scares and the always chasing MR X to stay alive. It's a slick, great looking and an essential buy for horror and action fans alike. 

19. Forza Motorsport 7

Best Xbox One games - Forza Motorsport 7

When you think of any best Xbox One games list, it will have a Forza on it. Improved AI, collisions, handling - what Forza Motorsport 7 gets right reads like a list of everything a racing game should do perfectly. Cars all feel great to control, giving you the confidence you need to push the handling to its limits - drifting on cue, or hugging the rails when you need dig the tires in. In fact, throughout, this a game that tweaks and adjusts everything the previous instalment got wrong. It’s all about delivering the best player experience and creating a game that’s both realistic and fun. Some of the progression is a little demanding, with numerous barriers to surmount as you collect cars and win events, but there’s nothing that really take the shine of one the greatest racers currently available.

18. Gears of War 4

Best Xbox One game - Gears of War 4

It was during Act Four, when the storm was raging, bullets were flying from all sides, blood was gushing all over us as we chainsawed close-up enemies and then tried to aim at those sniping us from afar, when suddenly the music rose at the perfect moment. It was as if God himself was singing 'I'm really sorry for Gears of War: Judgment'. Apology accepted. A bloodbath with real brains, Gears of War 4 is a worthy addition to our best Xbox One games list, adding an army of new monsters, each demanding fresh tactics to dispatch and bringing new ideas to how we approach combat. It means the first sequel since Gears 2 that can surprise newcomers without sacrificing the excellent cover-shooting that made the series famous. Bloody essential. 

17. Monster Hunter World

Best Xbox One games - Monster Hunter World

If you've never played a Monster Hunter game before then ignore all that 'most accessible yet' stuff. If this is your first time with Capcom's creature killer then you'll find a weirdly obtuse and alien game. Stick with Monster Hunter World though and you'll see what the fuss is about as you track monsters, kill them and harvest the parts to make the gear to take on bigger challenges. That core loop is everything here as you dive into stat boosts, attack types and try to master a range of fantastically over the top and excessively styled weapons. What really brings it alive is playing it with friends as you coordinate classes, weapons and tactics. Battles are long tests of skill and cooperation but the hunt is everything, and when a monster finally falls it's an amazing feeling. 

16. A Way Out

Best Xbox One games - A Way Out

Most co-op games revolve around boosting a friend over a wall and doors that can only be opened by two people at once. A Way Out has some of that, but overall makes so much more of it's two character ideas. Both players are routinely given divergent but related objectives that keep you working together without feeling like you're joined at the hip. From jail breaks to fixing cars it uses both players' time beautifully while still fitting in great set pieces, emotional character moments, lighter moments, and a truly memorable ending. 

15. Stardew Valley

Best Xbox One games - Stardew Valley

'Working' in a video game shouldn't be this much fun but there's something about Stardew Valley's crop harvesting grind that's hard to put down. You start simple, growing a few vegetables and selling them, but as you earn more money you can expand into livestock, pickling, cheesemaking and so on. There's an irresistible lure to growing your farm as you relax in to a cow milking, crop watering loop in search of profit and new things to farm. To keep things varied there's a village full of people to meet, complete missions for and even marry in order to raise a family. There are also monsters to slay as you explore a cave network full of dangerous creatures and high level goods. It's the sort of game you can spend hours playing and not even realise. 

14. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Best Xbox One games - Resident Evil 7

Let's face it. Resident Evil had gone a bit like a foot left out of the fridge too long. A bit, well, off. After the glorious heady heights of Resi 4 defining the third person shooter as we know it, it all got a bit mediocre. Well 2017 is the year Resi got its groove back and you should be very afraid. Turning the franchise on its head, Resident Evil 7 is a first person survival terror-fest that sees you sneaking through a decrepit Louisiana mansion hunting for your missing wife. Texas Chainsaw Massacre style fiends? Check. Horrific body horror? Check that too. Add in a story that'll leave you forgetting to breathe for a little too long and Resident Evil 7 manages to be an exhilarating rollercoaster ride that reinvents the franchise. Sure you'll recognise those green herbs but this is a new brand of horror that just demands you creep through its hallways even if it feels like you should run in the opposite direction. 

13. Titanfall 2

Best Xbox One games - Titanfall 2

Any FPS that lets you run along walls and then double jump into a giant mechanical Titan instantly has our attention. Titanfall 2 does that and so much more. “But where's our single-player?” we moaned, when the first Titanfall came to Xbox in 2014. “Fine!” retorted Respawn. “How about for this sequel, we tell the story of a pilot and his Titan? One where you steadily unlock Titan weapons that look powerful enough to burn the universe in half? How about a stage wherein you can travel through time at the touch of a button? How about several hours of dizzyingly paced, ideas-stuffed action that makes every shooter since we made Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare look lazy?” Well that certainly shut us up. Throw in Bounty Hunt, a capitalist nightmare of an essential multiplayer mode, and we promise never to accuse Respawn of laziness again. 

12. Destiny 2

Best Xbox One games - Destiny 2

After the endless, life absorbing life sink of the original game what could Destiny 2 possibly do to beat it? The answer is actually obvious: more of the same, only richer, more accessible and... just... more Destiny. The sequel takes nearly every element of the space travelling, gun collecting, number raising MMO and polishes it to a fine sheen. You can see almost every area where Bungie learned from the last game, making the areas you explore richer with things to do, adding depth to both the systems that progress your character, and hte activities you take on to do so. Few games mix combat, multiplayer and character progressions so well and it's an addictive draw as a result. 

11. Overwatch

Best Xbox One games - Overwatch

Well if Valve aren't going to bother making Team Fortress 3, we'll have Blizzard do it instead. The World of Warcraft studio had never made a shooter before, so it makes no sense at all that Overwatch is one of the best multiplayer FPS' ever. A ridiculously varied cast of colourful heroes, each with powers that should logically break the game (Tracer can travel back through time for crying out loud!) Yet it all checks and balances, letting us fire bows and arrows, sky dragons, walls of ice and whip chains through the air for hours and hours without ever feeling like its cheaty or unfair. Months later, and still the only flaw we can find is Tracer's horrid cockney accent. By this logic, if Blizzard ever offer to make us dinner, expect world hunger to be eradicated within the hour. 

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