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Control walkthrough
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Following a Control walkthrough to guide you through the Oldest House will help to ensure you don't miss anything, as well as leading you through any obstacles that may stand in the way of your progress. You'll soon discover that the setting of the game forms a giant shape-shifting maze, meaning it's not difficult to get lost and you could end up missing certain elements as you try to navigate the ever changing corridors to your next objective. So, if you're looking for guidance on finishing the main story, completing all of the side missions, and discovering everything on offer, our comprehensive Control walkthrough will lead the way.

Proceed deeper into the Bureau

Control walkthrough: Chapter 1

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The game starts with you inside the lobby of the Federal Bureau of Control. Walk to the right and go through the metal detectors, then up the stairs and along the corridor past the three portraits. Head right and run through the dark offices, then speak to the janitor. After the cutscene, head back out to the hallway and into the elevator.

After the cutscene, run to the end of the corridor then into the Director's Office to investigate the sound. Pick up the Pistol and complete the tutorial in the alternate dimension, then when you're back in the Federal Bureau of Control, leave the office and shoot the three Hiss Guards at the end of the corridor. Follow the signs to Central Executive, killing all the Hiss Guards along the way. There'll be a few waves of them in the huge room, along with quite a few collectibles so make sure you explore everywhere. Don't forget to open the Shelter door and grab your first weapon mod too.

Control walkthrough: Chapter 1

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Leave the shelter and enter the door on the right, then shoot one of the hanging guards to initiate the next fight. Kill the first few then jump down and a boss will spawn. He's not tough to kill, just keep unloading your pistol into him and kill the other Hiss Guards that spawn, then interact with the Control Point to cleanse it.

Main Missions:

Control walkthrough: Welcome to the Oldest House
Control walkthrough: Unknown Caller
Control walkthrough: Directorial Override
Control walkthrough: Old Boys' Club
Control walkthrough: Threshold
Control walkthrough: My Brother's Keeper
Control walkthrough: The Face of the Enemy
Control walkthrough: Finnish Tango
Control walkthrough: Polaris
Control walkthrough: Take Control

Side Missions:

Control walkthrough: Old Friends
Control walkthrough: Fridge Duty
Control walkthrough: Self-Reflection
Control walkthrough: Mr Tommasi
Control walkthrough: Old Growth
Control walkthrough: A Matter of Time
Control walkthrough: Langston's Runaways
Control walkthrough: The Enemy Within
Control walkthrough: Mold Removal
Control walkthrough: What a Mess (all missions)

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