Best deals on Xbox One controllers (May 2018)


The ideal Xbox One controller is the kind you forget about as soon as you start using it, right? You want a comfortable, responsive device to serve as your physical bridge into the world of the best Xbox One games. And that means you should take care choosing what kind of controller and accessories you'll roll with now so it can disappear into your hands later. There are a lot of options out there, but this buying guide will show you the best choices based on your needs and desires (don't forget to check out some nice Xbox One bundles while you're at it).

If you've ever held one of the latest Xbox One controllers, you'll know why its design is pretty much the industry standard at this point. And one of the nice things about going with an industry standard is that you can find it all over - opening up the doors for some great deals. Not just on the controllers themselves but on their helpful accessories as well. Keep reading for a quick, easy look at the best Xbox One controller deals you can find.

Does the Xbox One controller work on PC?

Yep, all official Xbox One controllers work on PC, too! Any game you could play with an Xbox 360 controller on PC should also work with an Xbox One controller with minimal or no extra effort, just plug it in with a USB-A to micro-USB cable (snag an Amazon Basics cable if you don't already have a ton of those lying around). You can also play wirelessly on PC, but there are some more things to keep in mind in that case. The first two generations of Xbox One controllers, which don't have textured grips on the back, need a special wireless USB adapter to communicate with your PC. All controllers released after 2016 can connect natively over Bluetooth, which is handy, but the adapter is still useful for connecting up to 8 controllers at once. You'll find deals on the official adapter further down this page.

The official Xbox One controller - best prices

 The official Xbox One controller is a standard-bearer for both fine control and comfort. There were a few issues with its earlier iterations - including sticky bumper buttons and inconvenient headphone options - but all those have been long since worked out. Note that standard Xbox One controllers come with two AA batteries, but they don't come with the USB-A to micro-USB cable you'll need for wired play. You can find the modern Xbox One controller design in a variety of colors and special edition options, but black never goes out of style - and being one of the most popular color options, it often has the best prices. 

Xbox One Elite Controller

The name isn't just for fun: the Xbox One Elite Controller really is a higher grade of input device, with a price tag to match. For the extra money, you get an adaptable controller that will feel good in your hands regardless of configuration. The thumbsticks and D-Pad can be swapped out for performance-targeted alternatives, and you can even fine tune the motion of the shoulder buttons. Hardcore shooter types will love the four optional back paddles that give you more control without removing your thumbs from the sticks as well. The overall construction itself is super luxe, and it comes with a nice little carrying case to store the controller and all its attachments.

Xbox One Grey/Green Controller

Xbox One Grey/Green Wireless Controller

Maybe the Elite controller is too much and you prefer something a bit more reserved. There have been a ton of special edition variants of Xbox One controllers over the years but I've gotta say, I think this grey/green number may be the most stylish of them all. Viewed from the front, it's almost entirely monochromatic - you only see a hint of the lime green analog stick bases. Turn the controller on an oblique angle and that hint becomes a delicious pop of vibrant color. If you think too many special-edition game controllers are garish, over-designed monstrosities, this lovely thing is your medicine.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Want something a little flashier than an Elite Controller and you don't mind going third party? The Razer Wolverine Ultimate should be your next stop. Razer's trademark Chroma lighting is also supported on Xbox One via the Razer Synapse app, meaning your controller will frickin' change color as you play (in supported games). The interchangeable D-pad and thumbsticks will help you get the feel just right, and a set of six extra buttons (two additional shoulder bumpers and four back paddles) give you a range of control options without ever needing to take your thumbs off the sticks. 

Xbox One Play & Charge Kit

Don't like chewing through disposable batteries, but don't want to spend all your time plugged in either? The Xbox One Play & Charge kit is an official two-in-one solution with both a rechargeable battery pack and a charging cable. The battery pack can support up to 30 hours of play and it takes about four hours to fully recharge. The next time you see the low-battery warning just pop in the cord and you'll be good to unplug and keep playing wirelessly, all without interruption.

Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 

There are a whole bunch of reasons you might want to pick up an official Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10: maybe you have an older Xbox One controller that you want to use on PC without having to plug it in; maybe your PC doesn't have Bluetooth support; maybe you want to wirelessly connect 8 controllers at once for local multiplayer goodness; or maybe you just like the simplicity and reliability of using a dedicated adapter. And hey, these adapters are both small and cheap, so if you think any of those scenarios are likely to come up in the future, you may as well grab one just in case.

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