Get an Xbox One controller cheap in 2019

Xbox One controller cheap

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to color and style, but finding an Xbox One controller cheap isn’t easy. They usually sell for around $60/£60 a pop, after all. To even the playing field, we’ve done the hard work of sniffing out deals to make your life easier. Whether it’s a pro controller for tournaments or a PC-compatible version, we’ve got you covered.

Today's Best Deal

Xbox One Wireless Controller is $45.99 on Amazon (save $10)
Get what may be the classiest controller for less on Amazon.

Don’t ignore accessories when trying to find an Xbox One controller cheap, though. Despite running fine on a pair of average AA batteries, having to swap these out gets old, irritating, and expensive fast. Play and Charge Kits help avoid that fuss by giving players a rechargeable power-source they can use over and over again with a minimum of fuss (indeed, you'll get up to 30 hours of extra charge). We’d say it’s worth the investment as a result - particularly in the long run. 

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US deals

Xbox One Wireless Controller (Black) is $45.99 on Amazon (save over $10)
The classic black Xbox One controller currently has $10 or so knocked off its standard price on Amazon.View Deal

Xbox One Wireless Controller (White) is $46.88 on Amazon (save over $10)
Similarly, the white wireless controller has a similar discount at the moment on Amazon.View Deal

Xbox One Elite Controller is $139.89 on Amazon (save $10)
Go pro with the official (and very fancy) Xbox One Elite Controller, designed specifically for competitive gaming.View Deal

Xbox One Wireless Controller (Gray and Blue) is $49.88 on Walmart (save $14)
This classy alternate color scheme is almost $15 cheaper than normal at Walmart. View Deal

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition is $108.85 on Amazon (save $11)
Take your competitive gaming to the next level with Razer's answer to the pro controller.View Deal

Xbox One Wireless Controller (Gray and Green) is $49.88 on Walmart (save $14)
Another alternate design is on sale at Walmart, and you can get it for $14 less than usual.View Deal

UK deals

Xbox One Wireless Controller (Black) + Cable for Windows is £39.99 at Argos (save £10)
Oddly, here's a wireless controller and cable for less than the controller by itself. The only downside? It seems to be an old model.View Deal

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit (Black) is £16.99 at Argos (save £3)
Keep your controller powered up with this rechargeable battery pack for Xbox One.View Deal

Xbox One Wireless Controller (Black) is £44.99 at John Lewis (save £5)
OK, so it's not a huge saving. That said, anything off these normally-expensive controllers is welcome.View Deal

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition is £98 on Amazon (save 18%)
It may lack the interchangeable thumbsticks and D-Pad of the Ultimate, but this is still an excellent competitive controller.View Deal

Xbox One Wireless Controller (White) is £47.99 on (save £2)
Deals are scarce for Xbox One controllers in the UK, so if you want a white version for less this is probably your best bet.View Deal

Xbox One Elite Controller is £109 on Amazon (save $10)
This controller is generally £119 everywhere you look, so £10 off is very welcome. You can also get it in white for £109.View Deal

Charge kits

Xbox One controller cheap

If you’re fed up of chewing through disposable AA batteries, the Play and Charge Kit is your new best friend. It’ll give you up to 30 hours of wireless play and is easy to recharge - simply plug in the cable provided when you’re getting low and carry on playing. It’s an essential purchase if you’re new to Xbox One.

Pro controllers

Xbox One controller cheap

Serious about competitive gaming? A pro controller is what you want. With extra buttons and an ergonomic design to help you avoid moving your hands more than is absolutely necessary, they give you a split-second advantage over the competition.

Xbox One Elite Controller

Xbox One controller cheap

The Xbox One Elite Controller is Microsoft’s all-singing, all-dancing ode to the competitive scene. It’s highly adaptable; both thumbsticks and the D-Pad can be replaced with performance-targeted alternatives, the shoulder triggers can be fine-tuned, and the four back paddles give access to face button inputs without having to move your fingers an inch. It’s expensive, but you’re paying for quality.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Xbox One controller cheap

Hardware giant Razer throws its hat into the pro controller ring with the Wolverine Ultimate. Boasting fancy chroma lighting that changes while you play, interchangeable thumbsticks and D-Pad, four back paddles and two extra shoulder buttons, its aim is to have everything in reach without needing to lift your thumbs from the sticks. It’s more expensive than the Xbox One Elite mentioned above, but the Wolverine Ultimate justifies that by giving you the undeniable precision, quality, and pizazz of the Razer brand.


Is the Xbox One controller compatible with PC? Absolutely. It’s a relatively hassle-free process; you can either plug the controller into a USB port with your charging cable (a standard USB to micro-USB cable), connect via Bluetooth, or use an official Wireless Adaptor for Windows 10. However, be aware that you can only use the Bluetooth function if your controller was made after 2016. How can you tell if it was, though? The newer 2016 model can be seen on the right of the following picture:

Xbox One controller cheap

Basically, post-2016 models have the Xbox button as part of the main controller ‘face’ (e.g. the plastic around the Xbox button is matte and part of the main shell). Controllers made beforehand feature the Xbox button on a separate, shiny plastic strip that’s connected to the bumpers.

Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 

Xbox One controller cheap

As discussed above, going wireless on PC with older Xbox One controllers (or PCs without Bluetooth capability) requires the official Wireless Adaptor. This isn’t too expensive and is relatively easy to get hold of. You’ll find the cheapest prices listed here.

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