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Sekiro walkthrough: A complete guide to FromSoftware's samurai souls

A Sekiro walkthrough is the perfect way to enjoy the game if you want to make life a tiny bit easier. Not much, admittedly - you still have to defeat rock hard bosses and survive - but knowing where to go and what skill or items to prioritise will definitely help. The structure of Sekiro is fairly open but taking on certain enemies or getting key abilities first will make things much more manageable. This Sekiro walkthrough, then, outlines one optimised path through the game that should avoid too many dead ends or routes that could be difficult for a first play through. 

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Tutorial Area

Tutorial Area

Walk forward, and then jump up and out. Wall hug around the corner and sneak through the grass, under the house, then through more grass. Drop down and make your way across the gap under the bridge then climb up the other side and into the house. Talk to the Young Lord to get your sword, then again to get the Gourd healing item.

Open the door and go out, kill the enemies then jump onto the wall on your left. Sneak around this and drop down to kill off these guards then kill off the mini-boss and run around to the right. Jump up the wall and pull yourself up and then do the same to get under the bridge. Kill the Rat enemy then drop down the other side of the bridge and blow the whistle  by the door when prompted. Go through the corridor then die to the boss (it may be you can actually defeat him)

Ashina Outskirts (1st time)

Ashina Outskirts (1st time)

Sekrio Ashina Outskirts

Talk to the Sculptor upon waking then go outside and grab the Dilapidated Temple idol. Go through the gate, grapple up and follow the path. Grapple across to the Ashina Outskirts idol and take the higher path here once past the two buildings look to your left and drop down to the Outskirts Wall: Gate Path idol. Grapple to the broken window and go inside to grab the Loaded Shuriken Shinobi Tool, go back to the idol and go talk to the Sculptor to get it fitted, chat to Emma while you’re here then travel back to the Gate Path idol.

Grapple above where you got the Shuriken Shinobi Too and go around the left-hand side. Sneak attack the mini-boss from above and then kill him for a Prayer Bead and a Gourd Seed. Grapple up to the gate again and kill everything in this area before you grapple onto the house and jump up to where you can see crows to find a vendor (he sells the Firecracker Shinobi Tool). Jump down to a broken house with an old woman in it and talk to her to get a bell from her.

sekiro Ashina Outskirts idol

Drop down and talk to her son just outside before you grapple across to the left of an enemy with a cannon on the ledge ahead. Assassinate said person with cannon and then grapple up to the building and go right and stay high to get to the Outskirts Wall - Stairway Idol. Use this to travel back to the temple and upgrade your gourd and then give the bell to the Buddha statue.

Sekiro outskirts wall

Hirata Estate (memory)

Hirata Estate (memory)

Sekiro Hirata Estate

You start at the Dragonspring – Hirata Estate Idol, grapple down the cliff and talk to the NPC before you grapple to the bridge and kill the enemies. On one side of the bridge is a Carp Scale, grab it then jump into the water and swim around to kill two other Carp for their scales. There is a vendor in a barrel on an island who exchanges scales for items in this area. Go to the other side of the bridge and clamber over the wall for the Estate Path Idol.

Make your way around the next area killing everything that moves. Once you are though the corridor there will be a small building with more bandits. Take these out and then look to a gate to the town and grapple over the tree to the next area. Once again kill everything then check in the bonfire with guards sat around it for the Flame Vent Shinobi Tool.

Follow the path up after the fire and go left over a wall at the top of the path into the little courtyard and kill the two bandits. Open the room they are next to for the Shinobi Axe of the Monkey Shinobi Tool. Go to the door under the big gate unlock it and go back to the Estate Path Idol. Use this to travel back to the Sculptor and get your tools fitted and pick up the Shinobi and Prosthetic Esoteric texts (get the Mikiri counter asap). From this point on the Memory gets incredibly tough. If you're struggling then skip to  Ashina Outskirts (the 2nd) and come back after you've acquired a Memory from Gyoubu

Travel back to the Estate Path idol and go back through the newly opened shortcut and go to the second area on your left. Talk to the NPC then go over the small gate for a special item. Then jump back into the middle pathway and kill the two bandits. Hope over the wall on the other side and talk to the NPCs in here.

Go up the stairs on the main path and use your newly acquired axe to break the shields of the enemies you encounter. Sneak around as you move forward, taking out the normal enemies but beware the enemy in white with a spear - if you can sneak attack this Shinobi Hunter then use the Mikiri counter to take him out for a Prayer Bead.

Go through the now open gate for the Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol, then go up the path killing all that stands in your way. Go across the bridge and talk to Owl in the burning courtyard here for a key. Grapple up and out and make your way along over the wall. This path will either land you in the river or lead to a cave guarded by bandits. We'll come back to that shortly.

Go back to the bridge just before the burning courtyard but this time jump off to the right and grapple down to the tree, just past this is a bamboo gate you can cut open. Jump from all to wall to reach the top and kill off the purple ninja you meet. Go inside the building he was guarding for the Mist Raven Shinobi Tool.

Sekiro Mist Raven Shinobi Tool

Go back to the tower just before the Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol (we are heading back to the bandits in front of the cave from earlier)  then grapple across the river. Take out the bandits here and do some more wall jumps in the cave. Grab the Hirata Estate - Main Hall Idol just around the corner from the well. Proceed around the estate and take out all the enemies in this area on this side of the little river. Cross the river where you can and talk to the NPC halfway along for a hand against the Drunkard boss. Kill him and make your way inside through some rooms to grab the Hirata Audience Chamber Idol.

Go down the stairs and kill Lady Butterfly for a Memory (this will upgrade your attack power) and a Sakura Droplet (can be used to increase your resurrection limit once you *spoiler* find your lord *end of spoiler)

Ashina Outskirts (2nd time)

Ashina Outskirts (2nd time)

Sekiro Ashina Outskirts

Back to the Outskirts Wall - Stairway Idol now. Look down and listen to the memory in the courtyard below then turn around and chat to Anayama the Peddler under the gate (he sells a Gourd Seed if you chat enough and also moves to the Dilapidated temple). Face away from the idol and grapple to the tree on your right just past the gate. Eavesdrop on the guards then kill them. Take on the Chained Ogre up the hill (not a fan of oil and fire and scared of Firecrackers) then grapple up to the area behind and above him and take an immediate left for a Gourd Seed.

Go back to the central exit in the walkway and sneak around to the right. On top of a ledge kill the enemy with the gong then go around killing everyone but the General who is a mini-boss. Sneak attack the mini-boss then kill him off for a Prayer Bead before you make your way down to the left of the broken bridge to the Underbridge Valley Idol.

Continue down the mountain side until you come to a wall hug spot, hug that wall and wait for the snake to look away. Grapple over to the grass below and wait for the snake to look away then grapple to the cave and run through. Run straight into the grass ahead and crouch walk through it then wall hug the wall and then sneak into the tiny tent. Wait for the cue then stab the snake in the eye (poor snake just wanted a cuddle). Grapple up and away from the snake as fast as you can (it is mighty irked) and exit via the cave and grapple up to Ashina Castle Gate Fortress Idol.

Gyoubu and company

Gyoubu and company

Sekiro Gyoubu

Take down everybody in the lower courtyard. Look up to the broken wall and check out the memory next to it then grapple up the tree in the back corner and jump down into the field. Fight and kill Gyoubu for a Memory and a Mechanical Barrel (allows upgrades to your prosthesis).

Sekiro Ashina Castle

Activate the Ashina Castle Gate Idol that is now in the courtyard next to a large open gate but instead of going through this turnaround and go to the other side of the field. Go up the stairs on and you will find a building, before going into the building continue past it and up some more stairs and buy a Gourd Seed from this salesman.

Go inside the big building and talk to the masked gentleman a few times. You may have to go kill some Rats as he asks but he should give you the Ashina Esoteric Text, if not come back in a  bit. Climb up the inside of this building grappling where possible and go through a hole in the ceiling for a Prayer Bead.

Ashina Castle

Ashina Castle

Sekiro Ashina Castle Gate

Go through from the Ashina Castle Gate Idol and check out the memory. Keep moving forwards and try and grapple where you can if you want to avoid enemies. After a field with two trolls you will be able to eavesdrop on two enemies who talk about a beast. Kill them and then equip the Firecracker Shinobi Tool for the next fight. Move forwards and fight off the Blazing Bull for a Prayer Bead.

Kill off the guards that rush then go outside to the bridge and grab the Ashina Castle Idol. While you’re here look to the side for a tree branch you can grapple to. Grapple across to the tree and kill the guards on the bridge for a key for later. Go back to the idol and walk through the gate then grapple your way up to the right. Keep grappling up and fighting the ninjas until you reach the palace. Make your way around the left-hand side (you will get dive bombed by a weird ninja if you are going the right way) until you are overlooking a lake, there will be an enemy who blows himself up (if you revisit this lake when you can dive you can fight a Headless underwater, not sure why you would want to though). Stay on the roof and look up above where the exploding enemy came from and to the right of the lake for a grapple point framed by purple banners and then go in here and grab a Gourd Seed and the Upper Tower - Antechamber Idol.

Inside Ashina Castle

Inside Ashina Castle

Sekiro upper tower

From the Upper Tower - Antechamber Idol sneak through into the room where you can see down to a small roof. Jump down here and turn around to face the direction of the idol. There is a chest in this room that has the Sabimaru Shinobi Tool. Then go back to the Upper Tower - Antechamber idol using the Homeward Idol item. From the idol fight your way through the samurai and go into a room on your right. There is a hole in the ceiling so grapple up there. Walk through this space and drop down before you open the door here just in case you die. Turn back away from the door and go into the next room to sneak up the stairs in the next room and watch the memory, then go to the next room for the Upper Tower - Ashina Dojo Idol.

Go through and have an epic samurai battle with an Ashina Elite (one of the best fights up until this point) for a Prayer Bead. Climb out of the window and make your way up as high as you can for a cutscene. Fight and beat Genichiro Ashina (this will feel good) for another Memory and the Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu.

Grab the Castle Tower Lookout Idol and talk to the Emma, then go downstairs and grab the Upper Tower - Kuro’s Room Idol. Talk to the Young Lord, smell some incense, then talk to the Young Lord again. Open up the window and jump out and follow the smoke signals across the rooftops to your left to get to General Isshin. Have a lengthy chat with him and exhaust the dialogue.

sekiro Castle Tower Lookout