Sekiro Treasure Carp Scales: how to find this weird but important currency

Sekiro treasure carp scales are basically cold hard cash in Sekiro. Really weird cold hard cash. That probably smells a bit. However, if you know where to find Sekiro treasure carp scales and the Pot Nobles who sell things in exchange for them, then you can buy all sorts of useful items - some of which you can't get anywhere else. Here, we cover all that and more with every Sekiro treasure carp scales location so you can collect them all. Worth noting that it's best to have acquired the Mibu Breathing Technique which you get after defeating the Corrupted Monk. It's an ability that lets you swim underwater and reach secret areas where you'll find even more carp scales.

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Hirata Estate

Treasure Carp Scale 1-2: When you land in the Hirata Estate, drop down and jump in the water to your right as you’re crossing the bridge. Keep swimming until you see a small rocky platform in the water, where you’ll find scale vendor Pot Noble Harunaga. Check the water in the outcrop around him for your first set of scales.

Treasure Carp Scale 3-4:  Once you pick up the Mibu Breathing Technique later in the game, come back here and dive underwater for the second carp and a set of two scales.

Treasure Carp Scale 5: Get back up on the bridge then turn around and face the way you came. On the right, you should see a glowing item obscured by a rock. Go hop in and get it. You can also access this one by swimming under the bridge and heading to the left side of the body of water.

Treasure Carp Scale 6-7: Keep advancing through the estate until you reach the Bamboo Thicket Sculptor’s Idol. Progress up the path, zip to the grapple on the left and jump in the water. Dive underneath for the first carp, then head forward and in between the wooden bottom of the bridge for the second one which is above the water.

Ashina Depths

Treasure Carp Scale 8 - From the Mibu Village idol, head into the little outcrop next to where you spawned and you’ll see a purple samurai. Wipe him out and pick up the scale next to him.

Treasure Carp Scale 9-10: The Exiled Memorial Mob right next to the Mibu Village idol sells two scales for 500 sen a pop. 

Treasure Carp Scale 11:  There’s a section with a water wheel later in Mibu Village, to the left of the Water Mill idol. Jump in the water and it’ll be in there wiggling. Slash it for a scale. 

Ashina Castle 

Treasure Carp Scale 12: Once everything goes awry, you’ll be forced to gain access to the castle via an underwater moat where the Ashina Castle warp idol used to be. Dive in and head under and you will see a carp scales around the corner before you head through the middle passage.

Treasure Carp Scale 13: Head around the back of the castle to the Old Grave idol, then head behind you to the bridge, where there’s a giant moat to the left. Hop in the water and dive in to get this treasure carp and scale.

Sunken Valley

Treasure Carp Scale 14-15: From the Riven Cave idol, turn around and head into the pool below where you killed the snake/ dropped from the Gun Fort. Dive down to find the first two scales on two treasure carps in the water.

Treasure Carp Scale 16: Whilst you’re underwater, keep swimming around and you’ll find a glowing item pickup to grab in a rocky outcrop in the depths right below where you hop out for the idol. Nab it for another scale. 

Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo

Treasure Carp Scale 17-18:  We kept this one until near the end as you need to be able to dive. Warp to the Temple Grounds Idol then hop in the water to your left before the monks start attacking you. Dive down and as well as a prayer bead or ancient text there will be two carps to kill for scales.

Fountainhead Palace

Treasure Carp Scale 19-21: Warp to the Flower Viewing Stage idol and turn around and head back into the compound full of the creepy alien folks. Head to the left on your way in and you should see a body of water underneath some cracked floorboards. Dive down and resurface and you should be in a room with three more scales and a chest. Get the scales and get the Water of the Palace from the chest.

Treasure Carp Scale 22-33: All of these scales are in the massive water basin in the centre of the Fountainhead Palace. Dive in, explore and kill every carp you can find, as well as dredging the bottom of the water for containers and glowing icons that will have carp scales ready for you to pick up. Main points of interests should be the underwater sunken housing and the giant fish skeleton which is surrounded by Headless enemies. Good luck!

Ashina Depths (Again)

Treasure Carp Scale 34-39: Return to the Water Mill idol and this time progress forward until you reach the locked house with the creatures banging on the door to be let in. Crawl underneath and use the shinobi door to flip up inside of it. Feed the scared NPC in the corner the Water of the Palace that you picked up in Fountainhead. Head back to a bonfire, rest and return to pick up the last five remaining scales.

That wraps up our Treasure Carp Scale guide. If you’ve followed it all the way through, this guide should leave you with more than enough scales for you to buy every single item from the Pot Noble vendors in the game. You might even have some to spare for Playthrough 2!

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