How to beat all Resident Evil 7 boss fights

The Resident Evil 7 boss fights are some of the toughest in the series, with a borderline-unkillable mutant family prowling after Ethan until he can summon both the bravery and firepower to bring them down for good. Whether you're working out how to fight Mia, Jack, Marguerite or any of the Bakers, Resident Evil 7 loves these tough one-on-one encounters where you have to take down the monsters who've been tormenting you up until now. Read on for how to beat everything boss fight in RE7, and obviously: SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Mia boss fight - Guest House 1F

After Mia has thrown you through the wall in the Guest House, grab the axe then keep circling around her. Block her attacks then respond with one of your own straight after, and she won't take long to defeat. Grab the axe once the fight is done as you may need it again soon.

Mia boss fight - Guest House Attic

Before climbing the ladder inside the Attic, explore the other rooms up there to find the handgun and several ammo caches. Once Mia arrives, keep your distance while aiming for headshots, and be ready to dash to one side if she charges at you. If you move into the other rooms she'll need to cut through the doors/walls to reach you, giving you chance to get more headshots, and don't worry about conserving ammo as you'll lose your gun once you've taken her down. If you run out of ammo, use the axe you grabbed earlier.

Jack Baker

Jack Baker boss fight - Main House Garage

When Jack starts chasing you around the Garage, run to the bench immediately on your right and grab the car key.

Now jump into the vehicle and keep ramming him. This will soon trigger a sequence to end the boss fight, though you technically need to start climbing the ladder to fully complete it.

Jack Baker boss fight - Main House Morgue

Before collecting the last Dog's Head in the Morgue, make sure you have at least three free slots in your inventory. For the first part of the boss fight, circle around the central pillar shooting Jack with headshots and kicking the hanging corpses in his direction to stun him.

Once you've inflicted enough damage to move on to part two, he'll tear down a fence to grab a chainsaw/blade combo, which also reveals another chainsaw for you pick up (hence the free slots needed in your inventory). Keep blocking or dodging his attacks (you can duck under some of them) then countering with the chainsaw until you finish him off.

Marguerite Baker

Marguerite Baker boss fight - Old House 1F

After Marguerite throws you down the stairs from the Crow Door and you drop into a hole, look up and headshot her at every opportunity. Keep crouching and standing up to avoid the flying insects, or give a quick blast with the Burner to clear them out. Continue shooting Marguerite whenever she peers into the hole, until she's defeated and falls in.

Marguerite Baker boss fight - Old House Greenhouse

After following Marguerite through the tunnel in the hole, you'll reach the Greenhouse. Once inside, drop down to the lower level, then head up the stairs where Marguerite will burst through the window and attack.

Keep moving around the area, and blasting the growth on her abdomen as often as possible. Listen for audio clues of her location and try to stay close, as if she's left alone for too long she'll produce nests of insects which then attack you. After you've done enough damage to her sac, Marguerite will turn to dust and you can take control of her lantern.

Jack Baker (mutated)

Jack Baker boss fight - Testing Area

Once you've created the serum at the end of the Testing Area, you'll be rudely interrupted by a giant mutant Jack Baker. Circle around the area and watch out for his sweeping attacks, while concentrating your fire on his many eyeballs until your burst them all.

Be aware that there is at least one eyeball on his underside, so if you can't see any more targets then lure him to the upper level before dropping below and looking up to try and spot another peeper.

With them all blasted, you'll be knocked underwater before the final phase, where you just need to hit his one big eye a few more times to defeat Jack for good.

Mia (optional)

Mia boss fight - Wrecked Ship

Note: This fight only occurs if you choose to save Zoe with the serum

When you switch back to Ethan in the bowels of the Wrecked Ship, you'll have to fight Mia if you elected to give the serum to Zoe earlier. However, this plays out exactly the same as her first boss fight, so turn around and grab the crowbar from behind you then block and counterattack until she's beaten.


Eveline boss fight - Guest House

This final boss fight takes place over three stages. First, when you find Eveline in the Guest House Attic, walk towards her and be ready to block when she starts powering up her blast attack. Alternate between pushing forwards and blocking until you get close enough to inject her.

Next, keep backing up and shooting her face when it emerges from the wall, until she picks you up and throws you out of the building.

Finally, when she grabs you outside, fire everything you've got left at her face. Eventually she'll drop you and you'll be prompted to grab a particularly powerful handgun, which you can then use to finish her off and complete the game. Congratulations!

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