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The best PS5 Cyber Monday deals - games, headsets, and more on sale now

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Cyber Monday PS5 deals

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We're in the final stretch of PS5 Cyber Monday deals, so if there's anything here you like, don't hesitate to pull the trigger if you can. Coming up we're going to walk you through the all the right retailers, check out the offers, and give you a buying guide that should prepare you to upgrade your gaming setup to next-gen in time for Christmas.

As well as tracking any potential PS5 Cyber Monday deals, for example, there are other things to consider like discounts on PS Plus subscriptions, PS5 accessories, and PS5 headsets so you have everything you need to get started. And, if you're going all the way for next-gen then check out the best gaming TVs to make sure you have a screen worthy of it all.

Cyber Monday PS5 deals - consoles

Unfortunately for us, the console itself is still very hard to come by. And although some offers have appeared as a part of the Cyber Monday PS5 deals, they're snapped up within moments. Even so, it's always worth checking the latest at the stores via the links below.

Cyber Monday PS5 deals - games

If there's one thing you can always count on during the sales season, it's game offers. The Cyber Monday PS5 deals have given us more than a few discounts on hot new games for the latest PlayStation, and we've listed these below. Just don't expect massive discounts on tentpole exclusives like Demon's Souls or Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

PS4 games

Cyber Monday PS5 deals - TV

If you're getting a next-gen console as a part of the PS5 Cyber Monday deals, you need to have something good-looking to display your games on. Luckily enough, we've been on the hunt for some top-tier TVs at an affordable price. Be sure to keep checking in every now and then for more, or visit our dedicated page of Cyber Monday TV deals.

PS5 TV deals - USA

PS5 TV deals - UK

Cyber Monday PS5 deals - accessories

Looking to get some accessories to go with your PS5? Now's a good time to be looking. The Cyber Monday PS5 deals have resulted in some great discounts for PS Plus, headsets, and more. You'll find the best of the bunch right here.

DualSense deals

The brand-new DualSense controller is something of a technological marvel thanks to its haptic feedback; it allows you to feel every bullet fired from a gun or the gravel beneath your car's wheels. As such, it's on many peoples' wishlists.

If there are any offers to be had on it as a part of the PS5 Cyber Monday deals, they'll be listed below.

PS5 remote

If you're going to be using your PS5 for general media apps like Amazon Prime or Netflix, this is a good buy - it'll make the process much easier, especially for those who aren't familiar with the DualSense controller or gaming in general.

As always, our bargain-hunting software will bring you the top offers in the PS5 Cyber Monday deals. These are updated every 30 minutes or so.

PS5 HD camera

The perfect choice for any streamers on the PlayStation 5. Besides videoing you in crisp HD, it is also able to cut out the background around you for for something a little more interesting. Which is very cool, obviously - it's a bit like a greenscreen.

If any offers appear as a part of the PS5 Cyber Monday deals, you'll find them below.

PS5 DualSense charging dock

If you have more than one DualSense - and even if you only have the controller that came with the console - it's a good idea to pick up this charging dock. It makes the process fast and easy, which is more than can be said if you're rummaging around for charging wires.

For the latest PS5 Cyber Monday deals on the official Charging Station, check out the list below.

Want more offers? You can see some last-gen discounts via our guide to the most tempting Cyber Monday PS4 deals, not to mention what Xbox is up to via the best Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals