Best Buy is throwing in a free mystery Starfield gift and space ice cream with Game Pass Ultimate

Game Pass Starfield bundle with planet artwork in backdrop
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Yes, that’s right, Best Buy is giving away a Starfield “mystery gift” with its three months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gift cards right now. As a fun bonus, you’ll also get an ice cream sandwich that can seemingly survive in space, just in case you’ve got a craving for astronaut food.

Over at Best Buy right now, the Xbox 3 Month Game Pass Ultimate with Mystery Starfield Collectable bundle is available for $44.99. Strangely, that’s cheaper than the retailer's $49.99 rate on a 3 month card by itself, but matches prices at rivals like Amazon. Of course, the main difference is that Best Buy’s offering comes with fun merch that could help you give your console a themed glow up, and stock might run out before Black Friday gaming deals arrive this November. 

Not to spoil the ‘mystery’, but the gift included with the Starfield Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Gift card is a briefcase containing vinyl stickers. There are three different versions of the packaging you can end up with, but the contents inside should be the same regardless. I’m not saying applying the decals to your Series S and X is going to produce the same effect as a console wrap. However, as someone who appreciates collectable bits and bobs, I can’t think of a reason why not to embrace this freebie if you’re looking to subscribe to Game Pass.

Xbox 3 Month Game Pass Ultimate with Mystery Starfield Collectable | $44.99 at Best Buy

Xbox 3 Month Game Pass Ultimate with Mystery Starfield Collectable | $44.99 at Best Buy
It's not every day you see a gift card come with physical goodies. However, for $5 less than other three month Game Pass cards at Best Buy, you'll get some fun Starfield vinyl stickers, a collectable case, and a free space food ice cream sandwich for good measure. 

Buy it if:

✅ You want to access Game Pass games
✅ You like idea of collectable Starfield merch
✅ You want to give your console a makeover

Don't buy it if:

❌ You hate free stuff
❌ You'd rather pay monthly for Game Pass

Let’s circle back to the ice cream sandwich mentioned above, as I imagine that caught some of you off guard. On the Starfield Xbox Game Pass gift card page, you’ll notice word of a $9.99 free gift, which just so happens to be a HALO - Astronaut Ice Cream snack thing. I can’t promise it won’t taste like sawdust and sadness, nor can I confidently say it’d actually survive a trip to the milky way. But hey, it’s an appropriate treat to devour while diving into a NASA punk adventure. 

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