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Be Indiana Jones!

As well as their many play sets for the upcoming Indiana Jones adventure (The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, in case watching the trailer has left your mind reeling and you momentarily forgot), the LEGO team has whacked up a fun little game, in which you get to play the heroic adventurer – in his short, plastic, yellow form, at least – as he takes on ancient tombs filled with deadly traps.

It’s fiendishly addictive and if you hear wailing coming from the vicinity of London’s Marylebone, it’s just Total Film’s editor, Nev, trying to stop the team playing it. And secretly loading it up himself, of course.

Head to the site and lower your productivity right now .

But if you prefer to play with your LEGO in the real world, MTV has a great preview of the toys . Including a look at the Crystal Skull itself.