Bay blogs Transformers tales

Leaked scripts, panicked fanboys and a whole lotta pressure… Michael Bay’s Transformers movie definitely has a lot to live up to. Based on the famed ‘80s toys and cartoon of the same name, Transformers: The Movie follows the battle between two robot armies, the dastardly Decepticons and the heroic Autobots.

If you’re a mega-fan, no doubt you’re itching to find out how the project is progressing under the Pearl Harbour helmer - and we’ve got good news for you.

Bay is logging his thoughts and progress in an online blog on his official website .

The latest entry was posted up a couple of days ago and chronicles the goings on after a week of filming the epic robot adventure and also sheds some light on those leaked scripts.

“I've anticipated leaks for months so I keep the only shooting script in my computer,” the Bad Boys lenser reveals. “Nobody has it, not even actors get a full script. Steven Spielberg taught me this trick.”

Let’s hope that’s not the only nugget he’s picked up from the bearded one…

Source: ( michael bay )