The Batman v Superman universe version of Robin was probably an axe murderer

DC fans have been somewhat divided over Batman v Superman (opens in new tab)'s interpretation of the iconic superheroes (what with Superman's reckless disregard for civilian casualties and Batman's fondness for killing criminals), but it's not just the superslamming duo that director Zack Snyder had an… interesting take on.

Digital Spy (opens in new tab) noticed that in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Tech Manual (a behind-the-scenes look at the gear and technology of the film), the late Robin apparently wielded something a little sharper than his usual quarterstaff.

That, my friends, is a goddamn halberd, and it's not exactly designed as a non-lethal weapon. It's basically an axe at the end of a long staff, with an extra sharp point for, you know, stabbing people. Considering how Batman deploys lethal force without hesitation in Dawn of Justice, it's not hard to imagine him passing on a more violent philosophy to his partner, the dynamic duo leaving severed appendages and gouts of blood in Gotham's streets.

Maybe there was more of an onscreen explanation in the original, four-hour draft (opens in new tab) of the movie?

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Images: Warner Bros. / Titan Books

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