Bang, boom and Bruce: A New Die Hard 4.0 trailer online

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Bruce Willis has slipped his dirty vest back on to play John McClane one more time.

We’ve been assaulted over the last couple of months by a variety of teasers, trailers and TV spots for Die Hard 4.0 (or Live Free Or Die Hard, or Bruce Makes Dead People or whatever). And the promotional presence for the movie is only going to get bigger as the film’s 29 June release date creeps closer.

Case in point: Fox has shoved the final trailer for the movie online. And it promises to be a big action epic with plenty of the usual madness we expect from a Die Hard movie: Bruce quipping dryly, things exploding, and a scheming villain (in this case, Deadwood/Catch And Release’s Tim Olyphant).

In fact, it’s the first time we’ve seen many elements of the movie, including Olyphant (who admitted when Total Film sat down to grill him that his friends had wondered if he was lying about the role when the first teaser didn’t include him because he hadn’t started filming yet) and Kevin Smith, who brings his usual laconic style to an OTT computer nerd. Plus Maggie Q will be adding to the sex factor this time around.

You can find the trailer at MSN right here .

Source: ( MSN )

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