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How to unlock the Warzone Serac blueprint - the CX-9 SMG that shreds

Warzone serac blueprint
(Image credit: Activision)

The Warzone Serac SMG blueprint has arrived, but the method for how to unlock this CX-9 blueprint at the moment is confusing - blueprint, Soap Operator bundle or SMG challenges all seem to be possible options, but realistically the main thing you need is patience and luck in Call of Duty Warzone. One thing is clear from the videos of people who have found the gun is that the Warzone Serac shreds - this CX-9 has an incredible firerate and seems to melt enemies unlucky enough to fall under its sights.

That obviously makes it a very desirable gun, so let's take a look at how you can get the Warzone Serac blueprint and unlock the CX-9.

1. Find the Warzone Serac CX-9 blueprint in the game

Call of Duty Warzone

(Image credit: Activision)

The current method people are using to get the Warzone Serac CX-9 is as a blueprint from a crate while in a match. The pros are this is definitely possible right now, as it's the main reason people have discovered the gun in season 2. The cons are that, obviously, you'll have to open a lot of crates and cross your fingers. It doesn't seem like an impossible drop judging by the number of people who've found one but if you're waiting for it every second you're playing then things could drag on. 

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2. Complete the Warzone CX-9 unlock challenge in Modern Warfare

Warzone cx-9 serac

(Image credit: Activision)

One of the first signs that the CX-9 was coming was when people started unlocking it in Modern Warfare in December 2020 for completing this challenge: 

  • Get 2 Long Shot kills while using an SMG in 5 different matches

There's a couple of downsides here: firstly you're unlocking the CX-9 base weapon, not the Serac blueprint. And, secondly, while you'll technically earn the CX-9 for doing this it won't actually unlock yet for use in the main game. You can test it out against bots in survival mode but it won't really be 'there' until the weapon is officially added. 

3. Get the Warzone Serac blueprint in the Soap operator bundle 

Warzone cx-9 serac

(Image credit: Activision)

The Soap Operator bundle was first leaked in December 2020 but so far has yet to appear. However, one of the the things it reportedly unlocks is the very Serac blueprint people are now finding in Warzone. The fact that the CX-9 SMG and blueprint from the bundle now exists in game suggests both the weapons and the bundle could be appearing soon. One leak suggested a March date but given that this was first found in December and still hasn't arrived, it's anyone's guess as to when it might actually appear.  

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