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The "Dear God, Please Let It Only Be A Rumour" Rumour Of The Week

And then…

Entertainment Weekly prints the following:

"Michael Bay has also previously expressed interest in taking over the Spider-Man."

And that’s picked up and reported all over the internet.

All we can do is quote Darth Vader:


On a more serious note (or, to put it another way, we're grasping at any straw that presents itself), the news about Raimi and Tobey Maguire being given their marching orders was accompanied the educated-speculation that part of Columbia’s reasoning was that the reboot meant they didn’t have to work with an expensive director like Raimi. Surely Bay would be just as expensive?

So we reckon the rumour is utter and complete pish and there's nothing to worry about. And if we're wrong, don't come crying to us. We won’t be able to hear you. We'll have our fingers and in our ears and we'll be going, “La la la la la!" very loudly in a state of complete and utter denial