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SFX NEEDS YOU The Great Vampire Poll

We love polls! Oh yes we do. So we’ve got another one for you now. We want to find out who are the greatest TV and movie vampires of all time. Angel? Christopher Lee’s Dracula? Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac? Mick St John in Moonlight? You tell us!

Here are the rules:

• We need three votes from each of you, though not necessarily in any kind of order of preference (they'll all be awarded one vote each)
• Please state which shows/films your characters come from.
• You can’t just vote "Dracula" – it has to be a particular interpretation of Dracula, ie, Gary Oldman’s Dracula, or Christopher Lee’s Dracula. Same goes for other vampires played by different actora (Nosferatu, Lestat)
• Additional comments welcome though not required!

• You can post your votes in this thread , or you can email your nominations to

Let the voting commence!