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Sam Neill teases potential return in Thor: Love and Thunder: "I think Taika's got something up his sleeve"

Sam Neill in Thor: Ragnarok
(Image credit: Disney/Marvel)

Sam Neill has teased he could return in Thor: Love and Thunder.

When asked by ET if he would appear in the upcoming movie, Neill replied: "I think the odds are reasonably high."

The actor had a brief cameo in Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok, alongside Matt Damon – who is reportedly set to return in Love and Thunder – and Luke Hemsworth. Neill played an onstage version of Anthony Hopkins' Odin, part of Loki's dramatization of his "death" in Thor: The Dark World.

"I think Taika's got something up his sleeve," Neil continued. "We will see what happens. Travel between [New Zealand] and Australia is problematic at the moment, but we will see if something can be worked out."

Love and Thunder is shaping up to have an epic cast, with Natalie Portman reprising her role of Jane Foster, Chris Pratt returning as Star-Lord – and recently spotted on set – and Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie in the franchise, hinting that we could be seeing even more Marvel characters. In fact, it's even been said that Love and Thunder will have "an Avengers 5 feel."

One Thor alum who apparently won't be returning, though, is Kat Dennings. The actor played Darcy Lewis in Thor and The Dark World, and is currently appearing in WandaVision. It sounds like she won’t be back for Love and Thunder, telling IGN: "Well, I have not gotten a call so I kind of doubt it since they're shooting it right now so probably not." She would return if asked, however, saying, "but anything Marvel ever asks of me the answer's always yes."

If Love and Thunder is another cosmic adventure, it makes sense Earth-dweller Darcy might not make it into the movie. Neill's potential cameo is intriguing, though – and with Waititi's gift for comedy, it's sure to be hilarious too.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to release May 6, 2022. Until then, check out how to watch Marvel movies in order for a catch-up movie marathon, and find out what superhero flick made the top spot in our ranking of the best superhero movies of all time.  

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