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Runic Games' Torchlight breaks 1 million sales mark

If there's a formula for how to rock it as an indie developer, odds are you'll find it locked away in the bowels of Runic Games. This week, the Seattle-based studio announcedvia Twitterthat its independently produced RPG Torchlight has reached platinum status, selling a combined total of 1 million copies across PC, Mac and Xbox 360 platforms.

"We're very excited to share Torchlight’s success with our fans and supporters” said Runic president and co-founder Travis Baldree in a statement, adding, “It isn’t every day you sell a million games. We’re grateful to be here."

Torchlight debuted as a PC download in October 2009, and sold 500,000 copies within the first six months thanks tosolid reviewsand generous word of mouth. The Diablo-esque game was later made available for Macs via Steam, and then appeared on XBLA on March 9 2011, where it hit the highest one-day sales numbers since its release.Over this past weekend, SteamaddedTorchlight to its July 4th sale – a move which likely helped push it over the 1 million mark.

That's onlythe official tally, however.During this year's E3, Runic CEO Max Schaefer acknowledged that millions of illegal copies of Torchlight have beendownloaded overseas, but the studio was confident rampant piracy will only strengthen the sales of its sequel, Torchlight II, due out on PCs later this year.

Jul 7, 2011

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