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Where to buy an RTX 3090 PC: here are your best bets on getting a top 30-series PC right now

Where to buy an RTX 3090 PC
(Image credit: Nvidia)

RTX 3090 PCs offer the uncompromising, most-beastly, semi-ridiculous top-line position within Nvidia's 30-series-card-powered 2021 best gaming PC spectrum. An RTX 3090 PC is going to be one for the ages - and certainly one that will last you an awfully long time given the sheer mad power that the card will grant you. The still-ridiculous sounding 8K gaming is actually a little closer to us than we may have thought given the advent of RTX 3090 PCs.

Now, while we can wax lyrical about the genuine value and wonderful performance that RTX 3060 PCs and RTX 3070 PCs will offer, and the bang-to-buck value that an RTX 3080 PC deal kitted out with that glorious GDDR6X RAM will offer, we might not be able to stretch the word 'value' to RTX 3090 PCs. Or, if we did, never before would the word 'value' be doing so much heavy lifting. Thus, using the term 'RTX 3090 PC offers' and finding bonafide RTX 3090 PC deals is going to sound like a bit of an overly-optimistic stretch.

Having said that, there are a couple of very attractive points about snagging an RTX 3090 PC offer. Firstly, buying a premade RTX 3090 PC seems to be one of your best bets to actually get the graphics card into your life right now; the card itself is just incredibly rare - something a bit annoying about one of the best graphics card in existence. Secondly, by buying a pre-made RTX 3090 PC, you'll likely get a new processor, some new RAM, possibly a new motherboard, as well as a sweet case, bespoke cable management, an expert build, and a warranty too. All in, that's a very attractive package for people.

The performance levels that RTX 3090 PCs will offer will be of that which we have only really seen in the most expensive gaming computers of yesteryear - and up to quite recently. As a result, taking a leap into 30-series machines this year, even if it's not a premium RTX 3090 PC deal, is going to be a move many make this year and one that will just make sense. Just be prepared to see high numbers and lofty price tags... 

If you desire the best of the best when it comes to PC gaming then you're in the right place, anyway, and we've gathered together some of the latest prices and retailer links to get you going in your search for being able to buy an RTX 3090 PC.

The RTX 3090 cards are the biggest, baddest, and - by a distance - the most expensive of Nvidia's new generation of graphics card. In a way, they might not be the most desired - the price tag is just enormous and the performance over the RTX 3080 is one which might not be enough to convince people to go the extra mile. Nonetheless, if you want a gaming card to last years, or are a creator or designer looking for the extra edge, then an RTX 3090 PC is going to be for you. 

However, this hasn't stopped the fact that being able to buy an RTX 3090 is as difficult as any other major hardware from the last few months. This has, and can, influence the stock of pre-builts, so you may see stock at retailers fluctuating. 

Having said that, it won't be long until all the well-known brands start launching solid and wide ranges of RTX 3090 PCs: Alienware gaming PCs and laptops, ASUS models -  such as well-known models like the ASUS ROG GA15 PC that I use in my setup - whoever you imagine will be making them so now's a good a time as any to get a lay of the land, and do some research and take advantage of any early RTX 3090 PC deals.

Nvidia RTX 3090

(Image credit: Nvidia)

If you're looking for Nvidia 30-series laptops or the actual graphics cards themselves, then you are braver than us. Following those ridiculous launches, you can barely find any cards out there, and if you do they may well be very inflated in price. And that's inflated on top of the RTX 3090's already-very-high price. However, the following guides will have you pointing in the right direction - but you currently need more luck than those folks who are trying to buy a PS5 to get one of the rarer cards!

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If the top-performing graphics cards have whetted your appetite, then why not browse the best CPU for gaming you can get, as well as the best RAM for gaming.

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