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Rihanna to star in Battleship



Rihanna's plan for world domination doesn't end with selling records by the bucketload - the R&B princess will soon be bringing her to a multiplex near you.

Variety has broken the news that director Peter Berg has taken a punt on the Umbrella singer by casting her opposite Alexander Skarsgaard in upcoming naval romp, Battleship , despite an absence of any acting experience whatsoever! Specific details of her role have yet to be released.

Wolverine star Taylor Kitsch is also attached to the project, which is based around the popular board game of the same name. Kitsch will play lead character Alex Hopper, the commanding officer of a warship forced to tool up and kick ass when an alien invasion pitches up from outer space with designs on planet Earth. Skarsgaard will play his brother, a fellow crewman.

Apparently the film will follow events from the perspective of not only the humans, but also the aliens. Does that mean we could possibly see Rihanna decked out in some daft, creature-feature makeup? Given the brief so far, it would seem that anything is possible.

So just to recap, it’s an adaptation of a boardgame, in which aliens take on sailors, starring Rihanna. We look forward to your comments…

Will anyone, anywhere be going to see this? If so, now's the time to own up...

In cinemas this week...

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