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Pokemon Go Love Cup best team: The best Pokemon to choose for the meta

Pokemon Go Love Cup
(Image credit: Niantic)

It's that time again! Another limited PvP event is happening and this time it's the Pokemon Go Love Cup, centred around Valentine's Day. If you're wondering what the Pokemon Go Love Cup best team to use is, then we can help. While the usual PvP leagues in Pokemon Go limit Pokemon to just CP, the Love Cup adds another dimension into the mix, because while you can only use Pokemon under 1,500 CP, you can also only use red or pink Pokemon. This means there's only about 100 eligible Pokemon for this, which isn't a very large pool to pick from. So without further ado, here are the Pokemon Go Love Cup best team picks that you should use in the meta.

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Best Pokemon Go Love Cup Pokemon

Here are our top picks to use in the Pokemon Go Love Cup meta. Power these Pokemon as close to 1500 CP as you can get to maximise their effectiveness in the event.


Pokemon Go Love Cup best Pokemon

(Image credit: Niantic)

Type: Water
Weaknesses: Grass, Electric
Best moves: Waterfall/Hydro Pump

Alomomola, the friendly looking fifth gen fish Pokemon, tops this list. Thanks to the Love Cup restrictions, there aren't many Pokemon that counter Alomomola – Vileplume is the biggest concern, but also isn't a popular choice. Go for the Waterfall/Hydro Pump move combo to deal the most damage, then pick Psychic if you have two charged moves.


Pokemon Go Love Cup best Pokemon

(Image credit: Niantic)

Type: Fire/Flying
Weaknesses: Water, Electric, Rock
Best moves: Wing Attack/Blast Burn

Next up is everyone's favourite, Charizard. It gets seriously countered by Rock-type moves so switch out if you come up against Magcargo or Crustle – or any Water-types of course – but otherwise, it's a solid pick. Any of the fast moves available are more than valid here depending on your preference, but our favourite is Wing Attack. Blast Burn is definitely the best charged move though, followed by Dragon Claw if you have a second.


Pokemon Go Love Cup best Pokemon

(Image credit: Niantic)

Type: Electric
Weaknesses: Ground
Best moves: Volt Switch/Discharge

Electrode is limited by its best moves being Electric-type only, but the fact there aren't many Ground-type Pokemon eligible for the Love Cup means it's a very good pick. Volt Switch should be your fast move of choice – you can use Spark if absolutely necessary – while Discharge takes a slight preference over Foul Play.


Pokemon Go Love Cup best Pokemon

(Image credit: Niantic)

Type: Fairy
Weaknesses: Poison, Steel
Best moves: Charm/Meteor Mash

Clefable is a Pokemon with great defensive abilities, which is especially useful in the Love Cup because there are not many Pokemon with a type advantage over Clefable at all. Scolipede and Vileplume, if they know Poison-type moves, are the two you'll need to watch out for the most. Pick Charm as the fast move, followed by Meteor Mash for the charged move. Psychic and Moonblast can also do a job here.


Pokemon Go Love Cup best Pokemon

(Image credit: Niantic)

Type: Normal/Fairy
Weaknesses: Poison/Steel
Best moves: Charm/Play Rough

A very similar pick to Clefable here, so don't have both of them in your team at the same time. Wigglytuff is simply an alternative, but importantly, it also wins the matchup between Clefable and itself. Charm wins out here again most of the time, but Feint Attack is good if you need a Dark-type move. Play Rough, Hyper Beam, or Ice Beam are all valid charged moves depending on what type you need.


Pokemon Go Love Cup best Pokemon

(Image credit: Niantic)

Type: Dark/Fighting
Weaknesses: Fighting, Flying, Fairy
Best moves: Counter/Foul Play

Scrafty is a prime contender for a differential in the Pokemon Go Love Cup, because it's strong against the top three picks here; Alomomola, Charizard, and Electrode. It does lose to both Clefable and Wigglytuff though, so be careful. Counter is usually the best move to pick here, but if you want a Dark-type fast move then go for Snarl, while you should always be using Foul Play as your charged move.


Pokemon Go Love Cup best Pokemon

(Image credit: Niantic)

Type: Normal
Weaknesses: Fighting
Best moves: Lick/Body Slam

Lickilicky is one of those unexpected picks, because Normal-type Pokemon rarely fare well in PvP. With that said, Lick is one of the best fast moves in the entire game, let alone in Lickilicky's move pool, so it's a must-include. Opt for Body Slam as the charged move, because of the sheer damage output.


Pokemon Go Love Cup best Pokemon

(Image credit: Niantic)

Type: Fighting/Psychic
Weaknesses: Flying, Fairy, Ghost
Best moves: Counter/Dynamic Punch

Don't use Medicham against Pokemon like Clefable or Charizard, but it is a brilliant counter for Alomomola, Scrafty, and Electrode. The best moveset on paper is Counter and Dynamic Punch, but since both are Fighting-type moves, you can switch one or both of them to Psycho Cut and Psychic for that Psychic-type advantage over other Fighting-types, and Poison-types.

Honorable mentions

These Pokemon (and their best movesets) are powerful in the Love Cup meta, but didn't quite make it into the list:

  • Milotic (Waterfall/Surf)
  • Crustle (Smack Down/Rock Slide)
  • Magcargo (Rock Throw/Stone Edge)
  • Seaking (Poison Jab/Icy Wind)
  • Slowking (Confusion/Psychic)

Experiment with different team compositions of the above Pokemon and you should stumble upon a winning formula before long. Good luck!

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