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Is Steven Seagal about to sign up for The Expendables 3?

Sylvester Stallone has been a busy boy on Twitter recently, using the social networking site to drum up excitement for upcoming sequel The Expendables 3 .

Last week saw Stallone teasing the possible involvement of Wesley Snipes and Jackie Chan, and the star is now suggesting that he is in talks with another action giant...

“Just talked to Steven S. in Moscow,” revealed Stallone. “Sounds great and says he wants to be in EX3, if the part fits..."

Unless we’re very much mistaken, that has to be a reference to Steven Seagal, one of the last big action heroes to have stayed clear of the Expendables series so far. Looks like Stallone is determined to tick off every last legend before he knocks this one on the head.

Directed by Patrick Hughes, and starring as many muscle-bound action men as Stallone can round up, The Expendables 3 is expected to arrive in cinemas in 2014.

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