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Is Pokemon Go down?

Is Pokemon Go down?
(Image credit: Niantic)

Is Pokemon Go down right now? Unfortunately, if you're reading this between the hours of 11am - 6pm PDT on June 1, the answer is yes.

Niantic has announced that there will be seven hours of scheduled server maintenance for Pokemon Go on June 1, so don't worry; they're not having unforeseen issues. The timing of the downtime isn't ideal for players in the US though, as it cuts into most of the day. Here are the scheduled downtimes in most major regions:

West Coast US: 11am - 6pm PDT, June 1
East Coast US: 2pm - 9pm EDT, June 1
UK: 7pm - 2am BST, June 1 - June 2
Central Europe: 8pm - 3am CEST, June 1 - June 2
Eastern Europe: 9pm - 4am EEST, June 1 - June 2
China: 2am - 9am CST, June 2
Japan/South Korea: 3am - 10am, June 2
Australia: 4am - 11am, June 2

During this time, Pokemon Go will be completely unavailable. If there's anything absolutely urgent you need to get done in-game, make sure you do it before the Pokemon Go servers go down, because you won't be able to do it during. As always with these things, there's a chance the downtime may go on for longer than expected, so don't be surprised if you can't boot the game up immediately after the scheduled downtime has ended.

There's no word on what this downtime is actually for. Speculation is that they're simply migrating to different servers, which is unfortunately a boring answer. If you were hoping the downtime is for a huge update like the rollout of Gen 6 Pokemon or a brand new event, that's unlikely since Niantic has never had to bring the servers down in the past in order to make that happen. Nevertheless, all your Pokemon and items will still be there when you return, so just kick back and have a Pokemon Go free day instead.

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