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How to change Gordon Freeman for the better

So here are some easy ways to modernise Half-Life's protagonist. As with our Lara Croft redesigns, just make the cheque payable to GamesRadar.Thanks.

Cel-shaded Gordon

Above: Jet-powered in-line roller blades just out of shot

User-generated Gordon

Above: LittleBigHalf-Life would so rock. Create your own crowbar!

Space Marine Gordon

Above: Make Alyx a hologram and add a helmet =27 million sold

Casual Gordon

Above:Physicistz was just too dull-sounding. More Zs!

See? Way better. Er...

06 Apr, 2010

Justin worked on the GamesRadar+ staff for 10 whole years. Imagine that. Now he is a contributor, specialising in racing games, retro, and Sanic.