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How cheap can you buy PS4 Pro on Black Friday?

How cheap will PS4 Pro get on Black Friday?

The Black Friday PS4 deals won't start until November, but you probably want to know how cheap a PS4 Pro will get. After all, you don't want to buy a console only to see it for a lower price in a couple of days. And you do need a new PS4 Pro, because your older launch console is starting to sound like a train every time you switch it on, and you can tell it's struggling to run games like Red Dead Redemption 2. Upgrading to a Pro is probably the best thing you can do, but it's usually so expensive. Well, over Black Friday, the price of the machine will be cut. But by how much?

It's interesting, because Microsoft has already cut the price of Xbox One X to $399, which means it's currently undercutting the PS4 Pro by a significant amount. Sony won't accept that, so you can expect a retaliation. The console is currently $399 at its cheapest, but you can expect some retailers to knock $50 off that price and give it to us for about $350. Maybe even with a game if you're lucky. In the UK, that'll probably reduce to £290 or even £280 if someone goes particularly crazy. But how do we know that? And what are the current deals available? Well, if you're in the UK, I can tell you that you won't find the PS4 Pro with Red Dead 2 bundle any cheaper than £350. If you want it, buy it. In the US it's a little different.

Last year, during Black Friday 2017, the best US deal for PS4 Pro came via Amazon, which offered a PS4 Pro with Destiny 2 for a delightful $350. That's $50 less than the current MSRP, with a game that was only a couple of months old at the time. Sure, Activision was desperate to shift copies of Destiny 2, but that was a pretty good deal. This year's Black Friday period will be even more competitive for several reasons, so it's likely we'll see a $30-50 drop from last year's prices.

Why? Well, it's all down to the competition and the lifecycle of the current consoles. Sony is banking on its players simply upgrading to PS4 Pro, and with the increasing number of people buying 4K TVs, it wants to make sure that players stick with PlayStation instead of moving over to Xbox, and buying an Xbox One X. Crucially, Microsoft will be discounting the Xbox One X during Black Friday - it has been available for about 15 months, it's still comparatively expensive, and Microsoft wants a slice of your 4K money. Sony will react to Microsoft and aggressively price the PS4 Pro, and retailers will be keen to bundle the console with any of the best games of 2018 (and it has been a bumper year, so you should be able to find a cheap bundle with any game of your choice). One thing to note, however, is that Target recently previewed its Black Friday deals and there was no sign of a PS4 Pro bundle on there. It's very possible the retailer is saving some surprises for the day but it could also mean that you won't find Pro deals at Target. Which isn't ideal.

In the UK the cheapest deal was, technically, Currys PC World offering a Pro for £283 with GT Sport. Again GT Sport is an easy game to bundle because it's more about building a player base for a live service model (where you play it for years and it constantly changes and updates), but a Pro for under £300 is a damn good price. During Amazon Prime Day luckily British buyers were treated to £50 off the cost of a new PS4 Pro, on its own, via Amazon and that sold VERY well. Given the fact that Black Friday is so huge, and that we can expect exponentially bigger drops in price each year, I think we'll see a £260 PS4 Pro. Maybe with a caveat - like you'll actually pay £270 for the console and a copy of a game selling at £20 in the sale - like Far Cry 5 - but it will probably happen.

Another telltale sign that we'll see PS4 Pro discounts is that, right now, online retailers have frozen the price of the console itself. And they're only selling the Red Dead 2 bundle at normal price (because, why wouldn't you? That game was designed to sell 4K consoles!). The big retailers always tend to freeze prices of the items they know will be on sale during Black Friday (or inflate them slightly), to ensure their discounts are as big as possible on the day, so if you're struggling to find a decent deal on a PS4 Pro... well, you know why.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle is interesting, though, and could be a bit of a wildcard in this year's sales. It has been selling like hotcakes since going on sale, at a relatively good price, so this may actually lower demand for the PS4 Pro during Black Friday. Plus, retailers might actually be confident that if they knock $20 off the price of the Red Dead bundle that they'll actually sell all their stock anyway. So, ironically, the release of one of PS4's biggest and best games may actually make the price of upgrading your machine a little more expensive.