Get 25% off selected box sets this Amazon Prime Day (like every Indiana Jones movie for £12 and ALL of Buffy for less than £30)

Get 25% off selected box sets this Amazon Prime Day

You know that show or franchise you would LOVE to have every episode or movie of, but don't because that's like, 100 episodes and they keep making more films and it's just way too expensive?! Well, Amazon might be about to make your day because its got 25% off selected box sets in its Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals! 

Now is the time to treat yourself to every Indiana Jones movie on Blu-ray because, let's be honest, Indiana Jones 5 will be a bit shit anyway and it's currently only £11.25. Even less if you don't mind having it on DVD... you can have them all for a tenner! Missed out on the 20th Anniversary Edition box set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? You can snap it up now for a cool £29.99 and proudly display every episode of the hit TV series from seasons 1-7 on DVD for less than £30. 

And that's not all. Amazon has 25% of loads of other TV and movie box sets, so no matter what your taste, fandom, or binging preferences, you're bound to find something for yourself or even that upcoming birthday buying dilemma. From Netflix’s award-winning original The Crown and AMC’s zombie series The Walking Dead, to the ultimate Shrek movie collection and X-Men franchise box set, you’ll struggle picking just one box set. But that's ok because you work really hard and you deserve a treat and it's such a good deal you're basically saving money, right? Don't forget that the 25% saving is applied when you check out!

Read on for our top picks of the best box set deals on Amazon right now (or visit Amazon to browse them all) and cancel your plans for the next few weeks because you're going to busy rewatching your favourite show/franchise/series...

Get 25% off Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures on Bu-ray: All four movies, plus plenty of bonus footage for only £11.25.View Deal

Get 25% off Buffy Complete season 1-7 on DVD: This 20th Anniversary Edition is an amazing deal for only £29.99View Deal

Get 25% off the Star Trek: Stardate Collection on DVD: Every original remastered Star Trek movie for £18.55.View Deal

Get 25% off South Park: Seasons 1-5 on DVD: Snap up the first five seasons of South Park for less at £14.99.View Deal

Get 25% off X-Men Collection on Blu-ray: Treat yourself to all eight X-Men movies for only £14.99.View Deal

Get 25% off The Walking Dead: The Complete Season 1-6 on DVD: Rewatch almost all The Walking Dead so far for only £22.49.View Deal

As more Amazon Prime day 2018 game deals continue to appear, stay in the know with our updated guide on the best offers yet. 

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