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Future Games Show Powered by WD_BLACK: Everything you need to know

Future Games Show Powered by WD_Black
(Image credit: Future)

The Future Games Show Powered by WD_BLACK debuts on Sunday June 13 at 4pm PDT, marking the one-year anniversary of GamesRadar’s flagship digital games showcase. This year’s event will be hosted by Troy Baker (Joel from The Last of Us Part II) and Laura Bailey (Abby from The Last of Us Part II). The Future Games Show will feature over 40 multi-format games with a mix of developer interviews, fresh gameplay and world premieres; from partners including SEGA, Private Division, Team17, XSEED Games and more.The show has attracted over 45 million views across three events to date, with further shows scheduled for August and November. Here’s everything you need to know about our upcoming summer showcase, including how to watch the Future Games Show Powered by WD_Black, and details of a new section called the Virtual Show Floor, which will give you access to all-new game demos.

Future Game Show date: When can I watch it?

The Future Games Show Powered by WD_BLACK will be broadcast on:

Sunday, June 13 at 16.00 PDT / 19.00 EDT / 00.00 GMT.

You can watch the event on, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Please note, the time zones mean the show technically starts in Europe and the UK on Monday June 14, so it’s either a late night, or an early morning, depending on your perspective. You’ll also be able to catch the show via the official E3 2021 broadcast, or via the /twitchgaming homepage.

●    Date: Sunday, June 13 at 4PM PDT / 7PM EDT /12AM* Midnight BST / 1AM* CEST

●    Streaming on: Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and GamesRadar.

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What is the Future Games Show?

GamesRadar Presents: Future Games Show (FGS) is our premier digital showcase event, which debuted in June 2020 at E3, originally hosted by Nolan North and Emily Rose from the Uncharted series. Our truly multiformat showcase is now approaching its fourth event - spanning PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile platforms - focusing on the most exciting, quirky and original games of 2021 and beyond.

The Future Games Show Powered by WD_BLACK will be broadcast on June 13, 2021 and is an official partner of ESA E3 2021 and the /twitchgaming gathering.

The Future Games Show focuses on showing you gameplay clips, developer walkthroughs and world premieres. This summer's show features a new section called the Virtual Show Floor, containing games that will have playable Steam demos available right after the event. There might even be some surprises hidden within the Virtual Show Floor, so it's worth keeping your eyes open for anything that looks like a game code…

Future Games Show Powered by WD_BLACK Hosts

Troy Baker Laura Bailey

The FGS Powered by WD_Black reunites the stars of The Last of Us Part II (Image credit: Future)

The FGS Powered by WD_BLACK will be hosted by the stars of The Last of Us Part II, Troy Baker (Joel Miller) and Laura Bailey (Abby Anderson). “I'm beyond excited to be presenting the Future Games Show on June 13 with my good friend and co-star (more times than I can count) Troy Baker!”, says Laura Bailey, “I can’t wait to show you guys some of the incredible games we have coming around the corner. Don’t miss it!”

“Last year was arguably the most challenging year for games development.”, notes Troy Baker, “Now we’re starting to see the games that will emerge this year and beyond. I’ve gotten a small *peek* behind the curtain and I can’t wait to pull that curtain back even further for you on June 13. Even better, I get to do this with someone I love to share a stage with, one of my best friends and fierce fellow actor, Laura Bailey. See you live for the Future Games Show.”

Troy and Laura become the latest famous video-game stars to host the Future Games Show, with previous hosts including the stars of the Uncharted series (Nolan North and Emily Rose), the Metal Gear Solid series (David Hayter and Debi Mae West) and Resident Evil (Jeff Schine and Nicole Tompkins).

Future Games Show at Gamescom

FGS Gamescom

(Image credit: Future)

On Friday, August 28, 2020 GamesRadar+ was proud to host our second Future Games Show. If you missed the live broadcast, you can find every game featured in our Future Games Show Gamescom Recap including Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion, Serious Sam 4, Bright Memory Infinite and many more upcoming indie and AAA titles. Hosted by David Hayter and Debi Mae West (Solid Snake and Meryl from Metal Gear Solid), the Future Games Show at Gamescom featured over 50 games from partners including Team 17, Activision, Square Enix, Sega, Ubisoft, Merge Games, Raw Fury and many more developers. 

The Future Games Show was broadcast on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and the GamesRadar+ homepage

"We were thrilled by the response to the first Future Games Show and our plans for a quiet lie down for a month or three were cut short when our fantastic show partners got in touch to ask about our plans for a Gamescom event," explains Dan Dawkins, Content Director of Games and Film. 

Watch the original Future Game Show from June 2020 below:

Future Game Show Previous Hosts

David Hayter, Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, will host the Future Games Show at Gamescom 2020.

David Hayter, Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, will host the Future Games Show at Gamescom 2020. (Image credit: Konami)

In our Gamescom 2020 event, the hosts were the iconic pairing David Hayter and Debi Mae West, who voiced Solid Snake and Meryl Silverburgh respectively. 

Hayter told GamesRadar: "Games… have changed. They’re no longer 8-bit side-scrollers, played under synthesized, electric-piano theme songs, but massive worlds of fantasy into which players can escape and explore for months at a time. In this era of the Foxdie Virus, we need these games more than ever. Which is why I’m teaming with my favourite former rookie, Meryl Silverburgh, to host the next episode of the Future Games Show. So grab your cardboard box, put on your stealth camo, and make sure that safety’s off… It’s showtime."

Debi Mae West also told us she was: "Beyond excited to be hosting the Future Games Show with the one and ONLY Solid Snake, David Hayter. Meryl and Snake have been creatively quarantined, but how exciting to get to be part of seeing what the creators from across the globe have been cooking up."

Debi Mae West, Meryl Silverburgh from Metal Gear Solid, co-hosted our Gamescom 2020 show with David Hayter.

Debi Mae West, Meryl Silverburgh from Metal Gear Solid, co-hosted our Gamescom 2020 show with David Hayter. (Image credit: Konami)

How to take part in the Future Games Show

Our FGS: Spring Showcase event is almost all booked up, but we're planning ahead for shows in 2021. There will also be opportunities to showcase your game at our sister event, the Golden Joystick Awards in late November 2021, so don't hesitate to get in touch early.

No title is too big – or too small – to take part: we're looking for cool, interesting games that will delight our audience. If you're interested in being part of the show, you can fill out this quick form or contact the Future Games Show's Daniel Dawkins ( or James Jarvis ( directly. 

For sponsorship Inquiries:
Gabrielle Kessler
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GamesRadar will bring you all the news and videos from the Future Games Show as the next-generation consoles enter their second wave of exciting new titles.