Every announcement during the Future Games Show: Spring Showcase

Kena: Bridge of Spirits
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The Future Games Show: Spring Showcase may have been and gone, but the good news is that you can relieve all the news, announcements, and surprises right here. From The Lord of the Rings: Gollum to Kena: Bridge of Spirits, there’s a whole mountain of games that we got to highlight in today’s event and you’ll be able to catch up on the moments you missed with all the trailers from the show below.

Now then, make yourself comfortable, because we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. 

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Aiko’s Choice

A brand new DLC pack for Shadow Tactics kicked off the Future Games Show pre-show, which focused on the fantastic experiences coming from Daedalic Entertainment. This new add-on for the cult favourite strategy game was the perfect introduction.

Hidden Deep

Taking inspiration from Aliens and The Thing, this tense sci-fi adventure game sees you taking a squad down into a suboceanic mining and research facility to find out what happened to the researchers down there. Clue: Nothing good. 


Old-school GTA - and we’re talking 2D-era GTA - meets new-school cool with a strong Cyberpunk aesthetic in Dark Lord’s Glitchpunk. As a bounty hunter making your money in a neon-drenched future, expect fast action and a memorable city to explore. 

Life of Delta 

Wall-E and Fallout might seem like very different wells of inspiration to draw from, but this point-and-click adventure manages to make this peculiar combination work.  After a Great War that wipes out every human, the titular Delta must find his lost friend in an adventure that will require plenty of cunning. 

Fling to the Finish 

Looking for the next must-play multiplayer sensation? Fling to the Finish is putting forward a very strong case. Two players share a controller, taking control of two creatures bound together by one very malleable bit of elastic, and have to navigate courses overflowing with obstacles. 


This distinctive living ink strategy game looks like what would happen if Monty Python made X-Com. Come for the exquisite medieval art style, stay for the warring rabbits. 

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum 

The final trailer for the pre-show ended with a first proper look at gameplay from The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. And while we might still have to wait a while to get our chance to play, this tense clip made us excited to inhabit  the headspace of Smeagol and Gollum.   

Arctic Awakening

The Future Games Show started with the world premiere of Arctic Awakening, a futuristic narrative adventure that focuses on Kai and his AI companion Alfie, who must try and survive the extreme conditions ahead of them. With a release date set for 2022, we can’t wait to learn more about this one. 


The big hitters keep coming, as Returnal got a new trailer during the showcase. This time, Housemarque’s Mikael Haveri talks us through what to expect from the bullet-hell sci-fi thriller. 

Cris Tales

The Classic JRPG inspired Cris Tales gave us a look at the characters we’re going to fall in love with over the course of its sweeping story. Chrono Trigger fans will want to keep an eye out for this colorful throwback when it launches July 2021. 

Axiom Verge 2

The follow-up to the cult favourite metroidvania, developer Thomas Happ talked us through the sequel, which takes place before the events of the original, but whose story isn’t necessarily a direct continuation. If that’s not intriguing enough, there’ll be plenty of secrets to unearth when this launches on PC and Switch this Spring. 


24 Entertainment saw the battle royale genre and realised one of the things it was missing. Ninjas taking each other one. Fortunately, Naraka: Bladepoint fixes that, letting 60 warriors pit their wits and steel against each other. Get a taste of this on PC this summer. 


This pixel-art action adventure is another retro delight from the Future Games Show. You play as amnesiac Sam, who must learn about her past and the mysterious land she’s found herself in. You can help her, when Starsoft’s Savior launches winter 2022.

Quantum Error

Future Games Show favorite Quantum Error is back, and this time we got a hefty gameplay clip that revealed a few new key details. For starters, you can expect a trip up to Jupiter in the game, as well as the chance to switch between first and third person cameras. Also, the monsters on Jupiter are just as troubling as the ones back on Earth…

Of Bird And Cage

An interactive rock opera that is also a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, it’s fair to say that Of Bird And Cage might be one of a kind. If you’re a fan of full-throated singing, heavy riffs, and unique interpretations of classic fairy tales, then make sure you check this out from May 21 on PC.

It Takes Two

Josef Fares’ inventive co-op platformer is out on May 26 (you can check out our It Takes Two review here), and we got one final look at what to expect from the vivid narrative-driven game. You can try it out for yourself on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC.


The intriguing GameDec was up next, with a CGI trailer that has us tantalised to learn more about this cyber-detective story, where you’re an investigator who scours virtual worlds for leads, that heads to PC on 21 September.  


Embr, which has been available on PC and Stadia in early access since last May, is like Overcooked, but with firefighters. So yes, the stakes are higher, but hey, that’s nothing a can-do attitude can’t fix. With 4-player co-op, this promises to be an absolute hoot at your next gaming session. Make sure to check it out on PC and consoles this summer. 

Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut

If you thought that the Snyder Cut was the biggest re-release of the month, then you’d… probably be right, because Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut isn’t actually out till later this year. However, the PC re-release will give the titular detective an expanded story, improved visuals, additional puzzles, and more, so brooding Batfleck has competition now. 

Team 17 showcase

Team 17 were next up at the Future Games Show, showcasing 9 new games that the indie publisher is releasing this year. These include: Overcooked: All You Can Eat, Worms Rumble, Ready or Not, Honey I Joined A Cult, Hokko Life, Epic Chef, King of Seas, Thymesia, and Narita Boy. Learn more about them here. 

Back 4 Blood

We got an extended look at this Left 4 Dead spiritual successor, Back 4 Blood, which will build on that zombie-murdering masterpiece with a new addition to the AI Director system. Now, before each round, the Director will play cards that modify the threats you’ll face, but you’ll have the ability to play your own, changing your loadout and strategy for the threats ahead. You’ll be able to see how this works when Back 4 Blood launches this October on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC.    

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall

This upcoming VR actioner got a brand new cinematic trailer, with all the gleaming armour and hideous nasties you’d expect to see duking it out in a Warhammer Age of Sigmar game. Throw yourself into the fray when it launches later this year on PC.

Future Hits Montage

Because we couldn’t resist treating you to a highlights reel of some of the best upcoming indies, our Future Hits Montage gave a brief look at 10 games including:

Monster Harvest - An adorable retro throwback that has shades of Pokemon, it’s set to launch on May 13 for PC and Consoles 

The Wandering Village - This peculiar adventure sees a game that takes place on the back of what can only be described as a grassy dinosaur. There’s no release date as of yet, but we can’t wait to see more when it heads to PC
Drive Buy - A fast and furious multiplayer racer, this Nintendo Switch and PC arcade delight can be yours from March 31.

Dordogne - The watercolour art style of this game makes it one of the striking games of our Future Hits montage. It’s 2021 release on PC and Switch can’t come soon enough. 

Fantasian - A brand new mobile JRPG from the creator of Final Fantasy, this looks like it’ll be worth nabbing from Apple Arcade the second it launches this year.
Minute of Islands - A hand-drawn adventure that looks set to captivate, this gem will land on PC and consoles in the future. 

Zombieland: Headshot Fever - The rip-snorting comedy gets a VR adaption that lets you try your hand in the Zombieland. It’s also out now on PS VR, Oculus, and other PC VR platforms. And no, sadly, it doesn’t come with a free Twinkie. 

Dorfromantik - Looking for a game to help you relax? This peaceful puzzler tasks you with building out your village by placing down tiles and slowly growing it. And you can capture this tranquility immediately, as it’s out on PC today. 

Drive Buy - A cross-play car combat game with a twist - you're a delivery driver who will stop at nothing to thwart your rival racers and earn credits. Hustle down your competitors with wild power ups and use credits to customise your vehicle (with echoes of a certain car football game) in this 4-player arcade racer that skids onto PC and Switch on March 31.

Endling: Extinction is Forever - Endling puts you in the russet fur of the last fox on Earth, as you try to survive in this harsh open world that’s been ravaged by humans. Scour and scavenge in this ecologically conscious adventure when it launches on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch this year. 

Everybody Wham Wham - This delightful little narrative adventure focuses on a snowman building competition. If you want to put your snow building skills to the test, it’s out now on PC

Woodo - It’s hard not to want to reach through the screen and play with the objects in this trailer, considering just how realistic they look. Woodo might be in the early stages of development, but here’s hoping this tactile puzzler plays as good as it looks. 

The Longest Road On Earth 

This black and white story might not have speech or text, but thanks to a haunting soundtrack, this sparse adventure will aim to yank on every heartstring going. Retro pixel art only adds to the nostalgic feeling, and with a Spring launch in sight for PC and mobile, it could be your next indie obsession. 

Green Hell

This survival game has been putting PC players to the test for a while now, as you’re tasked with trying to survive in the Amazonian Rainforest by crafting gear and campsites, and fending off all the dangers you encounter. During the show, it was revealed that this Cannibal Holocaust-esque survive-a-thon is also coming to PS4 and Xbox One this June. 

Operation: Tango

Got any friends who think they could be the next 007? Well, now’s the time to recruit them, because Operation: Tango sees you and a partner taking on the role of spies who need to work together. Can you manage to sneak through this co-op game’s rigorous levels undetected? You’ll need to work together, but the fact that only one person needs to own the game to play it should at least mean you start on good terms. Operation: Tango comes to PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One on June 1 2021.  

Oddworld: Soulstorm

Lorne Lanning joined the Future Game Show to talk us through one of the levels from the upcoming Oddworld: Soulstorm, the highly-anticipated next entry in the Oddworld series. This walkthrough gave us an idea of how you can take differing approaches to the game - do you sneak past enemies or take them out with your crafted gadgets - as well as what happens if you’re not careful with the Mudokons Abe can recruit (hint: they don’t mix well with machinery). We don’t have too long to wait to play, as it launches on PS5, PS4, and PC on April 6, with the PS5 version coming to PS Plus April 6 to May 3 2021.

Serial Cleaners 

This ‘90s set action-puzzler returned to the Future Games Show to debut a new gameplay clip, giving us a sense of the sort of messes we’ll have to be cleaning up. And this isn’t “toddler who discovered the make-up bag” mess either, but “dead bodies that need to be put into a wood chipper” sort of deal. Fortunately, you’ll have a choice of 4 Serial Cleaners to help you turn a crime scene into… well, it’ll still be a crime scene, just without all that pesky evidence. Serial Cleaners is coming to PC and consoles later this year. 

Elite Dangerous

Love the idea of life in space but not sure about the perils of spaceship ownership? This developer interview from the makers of Elite Dangerous explains a new feature that should help with that. We get a look at the new Odyssey expansion, and get to see the new Apex Interstellar shuttle service that will give you an AI pilot to take you between the ports and settlements. The expansion is coming to PC in late spring, with an Alpha scheduled for 29 March. Console players can expect the update in Autumn

Don't Forget Me

This adventure game from The Moon Pirates cites its inspirations as Her Story and The Red Strings Club, and this look at gameplay gave us a glimpse at why. You play as an amnesiac who dive into the memories of those around you, discovering an unsettling conspiracy along the way. Decisions matter, beating the text based puzzle system will rely on your observation and empathy as much as your smarts, and the scythe jazz soundtrack and pixel art style means this is one memorable game. You can play it on PC on 20 April. 

Fire Commander

Experience the excitement of life as a firefighter, without the risk of burning off your lustrous eyebrows. Fire Commander is just two new intense games from MovieGames, known for their sim titles like Alaskan Truck Simulator. Expect them to bring their trademark realism to the high stakes world of the emergency services with this strategy title for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC. 

War Hospital

Another MovieGames title, this trailer gives you an idea of what it's like to be a medic on the frontline in WW1. Make choices that are literally life and death as war rages outside the tent. Do you have what it takes? Find out when the game comes to PS5, Xbox Series X and PC in 2022. 

Lost Words: Beyond The Page

Writer Rhianna Pratchett gave us a unique insight into the world of Lost Words, a 2D platformer that merges the young hero's fantasy world and her real life. Through eight chapters, which we got to see glimpses of both a mythical world of fire and monsters, and the pages of Izzy's journal, which reveal an emotional story of family and writing. Lost Words is out on Stadia now and is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on 6 April. 

Haunted Space

We got a world premiere of Haunted Space, an interstellar aerial combat game coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X sometime in the future. You'll trade, fight, and compete with other space pirates, as well as meeting some of the extraterrestrial locals. Think Mad Max in space. 

Sub Rosa

With its distinctive visual style and Quentin Tarantino vibes, this multiplayer FPS is one to watch. Deals, double crosses, and car chases are all part of building your criminal empire, as you fight for control of cash and colored disks. Once you've amassed some wealth you can use it to buy better kit for your crew, or invest in your shady company stock. It looks tense, tricky and a must for anyone who thinks they have what it takes to make it in the underworld. Even better, the game is in Early Access on Steam now, so you can try it out today. 

Life is Strange: True Colors

A brand new adventure in the Life is Strange universe, this video gave us a chance to learn more about Alex Chen, who has a supernatural sensitivity to other people's emotions. These will be key as she reunites with her brother, faces tragedy, and explores her new home of Haven Springs. You can see how this entry in the series gives the player more agency, how romance has changed for this game, and how a Before the Storm key character plays an important role in this new story. The game is set to release on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series One, PC, and Stadia on 10 September.

Martha is Dead

As you might have guessed from the title, the trailer for Martha is Dead was light on the rainbows and unicorns, and instead gave us a gripping glimpse of this first-person psychological thriller. You play as Julia, twin to the titular and deceased Martha, dealing with that trauma as WW2 brews in the background. Prepare for horror, mysteries, and serious emotional impact when the game launches on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC later this year. 


If you love 4X games like Civilization, you won't want to miss this glimpse at this strategy epic from Amplitude Studios. The game will start you off with 60 different cultures to choose from, and then you can write your own story of that culture's - hopeful - rise. The developers explain how tools like threats and bribes are as key to your civilization as building an army or an economy. The game will be released on PC and Stadia on 17 August.


Developer Sloclap - who also made Absolver - gave us a deep dive into its new kung-fu fighting game Sifu. Playing as a kung-fu student looking to avenge his murdered family, you'll need to make the most of your combat skills and items you can find in the environment to secure victory. We found out there are five assassin bosses, inspired by the elements of Chinese mythology, and that every time you die, your character ages. We predict a lot of grandpas kicking ass in this challenging game when it's released in 2021 on PS4, PS5, and PC. 

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

A strong contender for the cutest game of the show - and it had a lot of competition - we got to see brand new footage from this action adventure title from Ember Labs. Spirit guide Kena battled imposing monsters, leapt across the world's beautiful landscapes, and swam through its dazzling lakes. There was magic, wonder, and enough of those cute little companions called the Rot to make your heart grow three sizes. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is out on PS4, PS5, and PC on 24 August.

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