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Fortnite's official Joy-Cons come with banana face and in-game items

Fortnite Switch Joy-Cons
(Image credit: Nintendo/Epic Games)

Nintendo has announced the Fortnite Fleet Force bundle, which includes a pair of themed Joy-Cons, a couple of exclusive in-game items, and 500 V-bucks.

Somewhat surprisingly, this will be the first set of Fortnite Joy-Cons available as a standalone purchase. Last year's Fortnite-themed special edition Switch included a pair of themed Joy-Cons, but you could only get them by buying a whole new Switch console, which isn't very practical if you've already got a Switch. Plus, the new official Fortnite Switch controllers come with a banana Joy-Con, and you just can't put a price on that.

The Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle will be available starting June 4 and includes one blue Joy-Con with the Fortnite 'F' logo on the back, and - let's face it - one way cooler Yellow Joy-Con that incorporates Peely's doe-eyed gaze into the part of the controller with the home button. You also get the aforementioned V-bucks and download codes for a similarly themed in-game glider and electric-charged pickaxe.

The announcement comes just ahead of the start of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, which Epic promises will include "the most ambitious story cinematic in Fortnite history." Inevitably, the new season will also introduce a ton of new skins, some new weapons, and some considerable map changes to keep things fresh like Peely.

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