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COMPO Gears Of Wars 3 Vault

Win an extra special Gears Of War-themed case for your Xbox (or if you haven’t got an Xbox, win a scary red piece of objet d’art – either way, it’s collectable)

To celebrate the launch of the hotly-anticipated Gears Of War 3 , we are giving away an exclusive Gears Of War 3 Vault from Calibur11. The high-end, interactive case for the Xbox 360 Slim features a high-definition “Bleed-Out” finish, controller cradle and an LED Crimson Omen that glows red every time a player is downed by an opponent during gameplay. The Vault offers better airflow and stability for your console whilst not voiding the Xbox 360 Slim factory warranty. Available from all good videogame retailers now. For more information head to .

For your chance to win a Gears of War 3 Vault, click here .