Best PS4 bundles, prices, and deals for 2019

The best PS4 bundles, prices, and deals of 2019

Spring is definitely a time for rejuvenation and revitalization. So why not embrace this and match the season doing its thing by revitalizing yourself with a swish new gaming present in the form of one of the best PS4 bundles currently out in the wild. Nothing boosts your spirits and gets you going as much as crushing your enemies in God of War, or swinging fantastically through the New York City in Spider-Man. Whether you’re eyeing up a first-time leap into all things PlayStation 4, or looking to pull the trigger on that PS4 Pro upgrade you’ve had your eye on (or perhaps you’re just in the market to grab one of the best deals on PS4 accessories and games available), you’re in the right place.

Best deal now

PS4 Slim 1TB + Spider-Man for $338.99 at Walmart
A recent PS4 behemoth thrown in with the 1TB PS4 Slim model for an absolute bargain price.

Whatsmore, as we ride the top of the PS4 wave, enjoying the peak of its lifetime, there’s really no better time to embrace everything PS4; the games library has never been bigger, and capabilities are seriously good now too, particularly with the arrival of PlayStation VR. This means the amount of joy to be had through Sony’s console has never been greater. Yes, you heard: joy. A PS4 and all its trimmings most definitely sparks joy - particularly when you get a delicious deal.

And the good news is that there are always deals to be had for bundles around their normal list price so these are the ones to look out for - generally. Retailers will often have a PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro bundle that includes at least one game that’s being sold at around the level of its list price. But, generally, if you can stretch your budget with bundles, you’ll make savings as the deals stack up.

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Console Only

Maybe you don't want a PS4 bundle? Maybe you want to just buy a PS4 console and get your own games for it? After all, you only need a console and a PS Plus subscription to play the likes of Fortnite. Here are the best prices you'll find on just the console, on its own.

PS4 Pro console deals

Sure, the PS4 Pro is an expensive console in its own right, so a PS4 Pro bundle might seem excessive, especially if you're just upgrading from your regular PlayStation console. Here are the current best prices on the PS4 Pro on its own.

PS4 Bundles

PS4 Slim 1TB + Spider-Man for $331 at Amazon
Amazon is offering the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man with the 1TB console for an equally competitive price.View Deal

PS4 Slim 1TB + Spiderman PS4 for $338.99 from Walmart
Swing your way into the world of PlayStation by grabbing one of the best superhero games to grace the system and the larger capacity console.View Deal

PS4 Slim 1TB + Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for $329.99 at Walmart
This is the perfect place to start for any prospective PS4 owner. A console with big storage, plus a top game to play online.View Deal

PS4 Pro Bundles

PS4 Pro 1TB + Red Dead Redemption 2 for $429.99 from NewEgg
As above, one of the very best deal's going currently, this time at NewEgg who have it at an equally competitive price.View Deal

PS4 Pro 1TB + Red Dead Redemption 2 for $459 at Walmart
Simply, the best version of PlayStation you can get, with one of the best games. A good deal.View Deal

PS4 Games

God of War

Kratos and Atreus in God of War

We gave God of War 5/5 in our review, and hailed it as the best PS4 game of all time. You'll find it at the top of so many 'best games of 2018' lists. It is absolutely essential, and if you haven't played it, you really should. Here are the best prices.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The latest, greatest game from Rockstar is an absolute masterpiece. We awarded Red Dead Redemption 2 5/5 at review, and hailed it as one of the greatest technical achievements in gaming, ever. It's the hottest game right now, and here are the best prices on it.


The coolest superhero game ever made, and just heaps of fun, we awarded Spider-Man PS4 a 4.5/5 in our review. The feel of playing is amazing, and this one is a PS4-exclusive. Here's where to get it cheapest.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

The best PS4 game of 2017, Horizon: Zero Dawn is an absolute masterpiece of open-world adventure gaming, and it has a stunning story too. We awarded it 4.5/5 in our review, and hailed it as the best game to get if you own a 4K set-up. Here are the cheapest deals on Horizon.

PS4 Extras

If you need a spare controller for your console, you should check out our guide to finding PS4 controller cheap deals... or just choose a regular one from the price chart below. Always go official when it comes to controllers, and make sure you buy one from new...

PS4 bundles - Aus

PS4 Slim 1TB Spider-Man Limited Edition + game for $449 from Amazon
If you want your PS4 to stand out, then this limited edition Amazing Red console with matching pad should do the trick.
 View Deal

PlayStation VR, with PlayStation Camera and VR Worlds for $399 from Amazon
One of the cheapest offers yet the latest version (V2) for a PSVR setup - be sure to select Amazon AU as the seller for a great price.
 View Deal

If you still haven't quite made your mind up on which console is right for you, then check out our best Xbox One bundle deals and our best Nintendo Switch bundle deals for more hardware offers.

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